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Beginning Feb 2022,

Rants dealing with Family Preparation for Chaos (Jim's Rant - Family) and Rants dealing with new Economic systems post collapse
(Jim's Rant - Economics) will be posted here for reference.

Jim's Rant - Family:

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Jim's Rant - Economics:

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          Articles                        PDF 

Yellow Frogs Series  - What To Expect Immediately After The Reset:


     Part 1 - Procedures To Get The U.S. Back On Track.

     Part 2 - Republic Returns & Devolution.

     Part 3 - NESARA & Your Personal Finances.
     Part 4 - An Easy Look-Back As To Why WWIII Had To Happen.
     Part 5 - New Economic Systems After The Collapse.

     Part 6 - Life Three Months After GESARA Is Implemented.

     Part 7 - Jobs and Where To Go after GESARA Is Implemented.


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