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Jim’s Daily Rant. Yellow Frogs On A Train. Part II -- Republic Returns & Devolution.

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

Note: If you have not read Part I, I suggest you read it first. Part I

How are we going to get our failed and collapsed government back on track?

The Problems:

When we climb out of the wreck we will run smack into quick devolution. At first we will see the DOT, HEW, EPA, ATF, IRS, County Zone Enforcement, overcrowded Beach Anti-Thong Bathing Suit Police (volunteers wanting to do the measuring). In a week, many may have been greatly reduced in size and scope or have disappeared altogether. How will we deal with the confusion? How will we know what the laws are?

If we go back to the Constitution of 1871, what about all the laws and amendments added since then? Can I dig out my old nooses and go back to lynching again and laugh because now my wife can’t vote or threaten me with domestic violence?

The last time we saw anything like this was after the French Revolution when most leaders were elected to office during a nine year period got an exceptionally close shave, because nobody trusted any government official then.

“French Revolution, also called Revolution of 1789, revolutionary movement that shook France between 1787 and 1799 and reached its first climax there in 1789—hence the conventional term “Revolution of 1789,” denoting the end of the ancien régime in France and serving also to distinguish that event from the later French revolutions of 1830 and 1848.” Source

Will this be our fate too?

How Will We Refill Congress, Governorships and local offices quickly? How will we calm the streets?

What We Can Expect:

We can count on the SCOTUS to cause the arrests of the White House residents and 350 Congressmen for Treason immediately. That should be their only involvement.

Next we can expect the Military to run the government somewhat while it is weak and coming back on-line; perhaps like training wheels for while someone like Trump calls shots in the upbringing and devolution processes of a new government. But the Military’s goal should be to work itself out of a job quickly, say six months.

Solutions to Filling the Congress & White House:

The military might allow Governors (not arrested) to appoint Congressmen until elections can be held. This then gives Congress a quorum to act quickly. Then the Military might require full elections within a reasonable time, say six months.

The Military might do the same for President with the President picking his Vice President.

Killing Off the Old Government:

The Military, possibly with the SCOTUS, can kill off the bankrupted corporate government.

The new Congress might continue certain programs temporarily, such as pensions, Medicare & Medicaid, Military financing, etc. Later these programs can be revisited. This will calm the masses as we change worlds.

Swinging Into Devolution:

The new Congress must then begin devolution.

I feel comfortable that Trump has been working with the military on suggestions for Congress to devolve many Federal departments and agencies as to size and or scope.

This downsizing will do away with a lot of legislation/codes that are unconstitutional.

I am sure lists of certain laws to remain on the books have been prepared for the Congress to consider. How will we refill Congress, governorships and local offices quickly? How will we calm the streets?

The Military may require courts to train in Common Law and get away from certain Agency laws no longer on the books.

Perhaps the Military may require the courts to determinate impacts of the devolution so enacted so that industries can see the impact on them.

Long-Term Devolution:

Long-term Devolution will be an ongoing process. There are lots of laws, both Federal, State and municipal that may now be Unconstitutional. These can be attacked from three directions: Government commissions, Supreme Courts (Fed & State) and County Courts (De Facto and De 'Jure).

Governments and Supreme Courts can list laws and cause them to be removed.

County Courts can bring back into consciousness the Juror’s Right of Nullification that has been removed from our minds. That is the right of just one juror declaring an acquittal because the law at issue is unconstitutional. This will eventually be acted upon by other counties in a state until it is recognized as unconstitutional state-wide, then perhaps Regional-wide then across the country.

In the meantime public and industry groups should arise that monitor for its members all changes that impact their groups.

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John Duggan
John Duggan
28 nov 2022

They need to talk to Anna Von Reitz. She's been on this problem for a long, long time and has a lot of published works about it.

Me gusta
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