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Jim’s Daily Rant. Yellow Frogs On A Train. Part I -- Procedures To Get The U.S. Back On Track.

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

Today I will post several Rants helping us to understand what is ahead as of now. Let me set the record straight here: I believe the SCOTUS will transform our country back to a Republic. But they will slow turn that giant flywheel just a bit. From there we ourselves will have to do the work to continue to turn it and speed it up. If we slow down then so too will the correction process slow down. So please realize we are not out of the woods yet, we will still hit the chaos and we have a lot of personal work to put into our dream of freedom for all of humanity. Continue to look for safety for your family.


Up until around the 1950s, train locomotives had yellow Frogs attached to their sides. They were there so the crew could save their train in the event of a car jumping off the track. They were two steel ramps that were strapped on each track in front of the truck (wheels) that first jumped the track. Once attached the engine was slowly moved forward pulling the truck sideways and high above the track until the truck dropped down in its proper place.

Without this lifesaving process the entire train could be pulled over. For those that remember, a caboose was always at the end of the train in which sat the Conductor, whose job was to watch for tell-tale sparks of danger. At that moment the Conductor took control of the train, stopped it and commanded the crew in re-railing it.

All of this is what Computer Programmers of today would call a “Procedure”. It would be given a fancy name so the program being run can stop all activity and go straight to this procedure and execute it first, no matter what it was doing before it’s name was called out. If I was the programmer, the procedure name would have been “Save Yourself”.

By the way, trains no longer have caboose's because they now have computers hooked to sensors to monitor for track jumpers. But they still must be dealt with.


“So Jim, what the hell does this have to do with our hijacked insane world today, this particular weekend?”, you might ask. Well, the way I see it we are facing two massive problems in reaching our dreams of Global Freedom and creating a more equitable and fair global and local economies, both massive problems.

Not only are they both massive but the world has never attempted anything as complex as each of them are.

I have stared at these problems for fifteen years, trying to dissect them, seeking ways to resolve them, trying to see how the results of the Collapse and Reset I was shown 20 years ago could have occurred. I was trying to go back there in dreams, looking around for clues so I might reverse engineer how the results were created. When I was originally shown the Collapse and Reset, I saw the order of systems collapsing and then the order of them coming back online, but never the exact details of how it was to occur. This is what perplexed me all these years.

For example, one of the first systems I saw falling was the Medical Industrial Complex, which I have discussed many times before all these years. I saw it going almost overnight. I saw it being brought back up changed a little but it immediately collapsed again. Then the third time I saw the future of medicine that would survive and thrive. I saw it’s parts clearly, with old parts left behind and new parts added. I saw its money flow, its business structures. But I didn’t see the timing of it all.

And in particular, for the life of me, I could never figure out what would cause it to be one of the first systems to fail. But I am surprised as you to see it was a greedy con job that is doing it in. Their old and sacred Medical Journal method of “Sacred Procedures” that was domineering all medical personnel by fear of losing their insurance requirement kept them from doing what they were really ordained to do.

Well, getting back to your question, we are back to those darn Procedures humanity has evolved to. Even some of our Procedures were hijacked because once we wrote them we simply forgot about them and worshiped them from afar. That was our big mistake!


Our problem is we have never faced these two main problems before, first of restoring our country back to it’s Constitution and the second is helping the globe, as a whole, reach total freedom for humanity. Both of these were never really envisioned before, and in our modern world of Procedures, we could flounder around forever trying to create the solutions needed.

What I will share with you is possible Procedures for fast tracking both of these problem resolutions. Now mind you, they are not canned solutions, but rather possible means of us doing our own work to all create the procedures we need.

I guess I will be sharing procedures for us to write the procedures. See Y'all in Part II

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