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Jim’s Daily Rant. Yellow Frogs – Part VI : Life Three Months After GESARA Is Implemented.

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

I have often reflected on what it was like for the American slaves newly freed by the Civil War. They probably had no idea what was going on that day or in their future. Should they stay on their home that was their life? What’s outside? How and where would they live? How would they immediately feed themselves? Will that new world be hospitable? All of this must have been horribly gut-wrenching and perhaps we may soon find out what they faced.

When we say post-NESARA we must assume the government is barely back on track but becoming much downsized. We are just beginning to crawl into a new economy. We have to anticipate:

* A lot of people are newly wealthy. * Jobs will have collapsed;

* Jobs will be emptied by new rich no longer needing them; * Job requirements for new hires will be lowered due to shortages;

* Jobs must be performed.

* We will be learning who we really are as a human, how to create our futures with our minds, how to heal ourselves (in body and mind).

* And above all, do we stay where we are or do we go?

All of us will have to deal with the above anticipations except the young. They won’t have the problem of being newly wealthy. But they too must learn who they are and decide do they stay or go.

So for Part VI, we will only discuss Who We Are. We will leave the Jobs & Stay or Go problem for Part VII.

Who We Are


We already know that our body and mind need sleep daily to function. But when we begin learning who we really are and just how powerful we can be, our minds will get overloaded and have difficulty in allowing us to go there. It will be fearful. To get past this we need to learn to meditate deeply often, at least daily. This is something we can practice now so we can just swing into it naturally.

Here are some links for that: Finding The Woo People To Teach Us.

What We Will Learn:

Besides our history of who we are and are not, that has been altered, we will learn of our special powers: * We create with our minds when we focus our thoughts.

See: What The Bleep Do We Know. Video $2 - $15 See: What Dreams May Come. Movie Trailer Video $4 - $10

* We are all connected; we are all just one.

See: Conversations With God. $Book I $2 - $13 or Book 1-3 $13 - $23

Conclusion: You are the creator. You can create the grandest version of the greatest vision you ever held about yourself! So create!

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