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Humanity  Awakens

              October 27, 2012     


Article Overview.   This article describes eight layers of major world players that are intent on crashing our socio-economic system. Because of the power behind each player, there is no doubt in my mind that a collapse and reset will occur.  To me, the only unknown is when.  Humanity is waking up from a dream and we are about to recreate ourselves.

Article Purpose & Methodology.  The purpose here is purely to share my thoughts and insights.  I have no intention of convincing you of anything.  We have been together long enough that I feel that I do not have to footnote sources, references or other corroborating links.  I am not soliciting your vote for "Dancing With The Stars" nor am I running for county Dog Catcher.  I will cite as facts that which was given to me or arrived at by my own deductions.  I will not introduce ideas that I did not get directly.  I am saying this as I believe that I was shown certain future events as a psychic might be shown.  Therefore, I only intend to give you my version, not other's views or equally powerful alternate views.  Please feel free to disagree with any concept stated here or substitute it with your own.  Just don't ask me to argue with you; time will be the ultimate judge as to how it all plays out.

Jim's Story

Fifteen years ago, I awoke as a psychic, for lack of a better word for it.  It was not something I was thrilled about as it completely disrupted my happy and secure life. I spent two years dismissing it as luck or coincidence but then something happened that forced me to deal with it.  Shortly after that, I dropped out of the workforce temporarily to figure it all out; I never went back to work. 


In my mind's eye, I was being trained to read faint signals that we all get but pay no attention to.  For a few years, I felt as if I was learning a new language for interpreting those faint sights and sounds.  Once my confidence in my reading built up, in my dreams I was in a classroom type environment being taught a global macro economics, something clearly not my area. I was shown a coming global collapse of the financial system.  I was also shown what was to follow it.  These dreams went on every other night for about six months.


The detail was amazing!  I saw segments of the economic system collapse and what was to replace that segment.  I saw the segments falling in a particular order.  The only things that were apparently missing was the timing and the catalyst causing the collapse.  I thought I deduced the cause, but boy was I wrong on that count.  I did know that once the collapse began it would go over almost instantly.


Two facts that kept appearing to me throughout all of this is that there would be no more wars after twenty years and that for humans to get past the collapse and to evolve would be more mentally challenging than physically challenging.


A Brother's Tale


 On Easter Sunday, 2007, I attended a family get together with my siblings.  I had kept all that I had seen to myself for about two years, but was becoming anxious over what I was seeing playing out in the news.  Towards the end of the gathering, I called six of my siblings present together and explained to them that the major Wall street banks were insolvent, that the government was insolvent, that their pensions were being looted systematically, and their lives will never be the same.  I was this short and to the point.  Then I cautioned them to govern their affairs accordingly.  All I got back was blank stares, but at least I had forewarned them; that was off my conscience.


Thirteen months later, my brother came over for me to do some paperwork for him.  He inquired about the strange warning, so I asked if he really wanted to know, as it would take about two hours to explain. He said to go for it.  Note that this was six months prior to the October, 2008 financial crash and bailout.


When I began writing this article, I felt it would take most of the week to complete it.  I was wrong.  I overlooked the fact that most of what I told him you already know quite well.  So I will recap what I gave him and focus on the woo woo stuff that we have never discussed to date.

I explained to him the Wall street thieving ongoing, including the derivatives market, the Mortgage-Backed Securities, the MERS problem that was going to break the news soon, foreclosure fraud that will result when the train wreck begins to back up.  I showed him how the CPA profession, the securities' rating agencies and the government watchdog agencies were all in on the fraud.


I discussed the impending insolvency of the FDIC and Fannie Mae.  The rehearsal for all that was to occur financially was in the form of the Savings and Loan debacle in the 80's and that manual was revised in the Enron scandal.  We discussed the fraud created by the banks each time a loan was originated and how it was orchestrated by the Central Bank.

Then we discussed the change from a republic to an oligopoly or fascism form of government, that being a prelude to a one world government, the lost thirteenth amendment, and how the legal system was becoming illegal.



It's Got To Collapse


 The bankers had to cover their fraud and insolvency, and so the only way to achieve that was to cause a financial collapse that would destroy the evidence and focus on an emergency cure rather than the who and what caused it.  Therefore, the Wall street bankers had to crash the financial system.

The Central bankers had recreated the entire banking system into nothing more than a fraud machine, which was perverting our legal system, distorting our understanding of economics, and obliterating our middle class.  They were at the point of taking total control of the U.S. government.  They needed to create a massive depression or perhaps collapse the U.S. financial system to gain a total grip on the government and major corporations.  This would rule out any legal or corrective action against them; letting them win the takeover.  Therefore, the Central bank needed to collapse the financial system.


The government needed to collapse the financial system to make us more dependent upon them.  This would cover the Congress from selling out to the bankers, Cabal, and others that took control of the government. They also had to escape the government debt to other nations,  and compensate for the oncoming collapse of the petro-dollar. They had to destroy their evidence as well.  Therefore, the government had to force a financial collapse.


Next to be discussed was the Cabal, that being the TPTB, the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, the English Crown, the Vatican, et al.  This consisted of their plan to not only continue to rule the world, but now openly as a one-world government.  Therefore, not only did they need to crash the financial system and go to one-world government and a one-world  central bank, but they had to crash all the world's central banks to achieve this goal!


Are you with me so far?  I certainly hope so because I am anxious to get to the woo woo stuff next.  Let me recap here before going on.  So far, we have the bankers, the central bankers, the government and the Cabal (TPTB), four powerful groups demanding that the financial system collapse immediately.



The Petro Dollar

Here is a brief history of the petro-dollar. When part of the world was being carved up at the end of WWII, the issue of a global currency was decided upon, called the Bretton Woods Agreement. The U.S. Dollar would replace the British Pound as the global trading currency because it was more secure, since it was backed by gold at $35 per ounce, and would remain so.

This meant that all international trading was to be paid for in U.S. Dollars only. This was the same as placing a U.S. tax, as income to the U.S. bankers, on all global international trade. When a foreign company needed oil, they had to buy the dollar at a discount from a bank or invest in a business within the U.S., driving up the prices and the economy. All went well until the 60s, when Richard Nixon, in violation to that treaty, took us off the gold standard, making our money worthless (fiat) money. The world failed to react timely to this move.

When the world did begin to react in the 80s, the U.S. brokered a new deal for itself. The oil-producing countries were concerned that Israel now had nuclear weapons and were being threatened by Israel.  The U.S. made an agreement with the oil producers that if they agreed to sell oil only in U.S. dollars, then the U.S. would protect them from Israel with the U.S. military. This protection racket worked well until Iraq and Libya announced that they were now selling oil in their own currencies instead of the dollar. Both of those countries were invaded by the U.S., and their leaders brutally executed as an example to the other oil producers. Now we have Iran selling oil in non-dollars.

So, what we are seeing in the Middle East is the U.S. military is forcing the oil-producing nations to continue to use our worthless money for trade, in order to serve the bankers. The problem is that more and more countries are denouncing the worthless dollar, such as China, Venezuela and possibly Mexico, and we are running out of military to cover it all. I believe being spread too thin was Rome's problem too, just before it fell.

It appears that those oil producing countries are tired of the shake downs by the U.S. and are ending it. This can only result in a U.S. financial collapse.


The Rest Of The World

I won't bore you here, so in a nutshell, this is the score. The rest of the world has had enough of our Banker-Warrior model of plundering the planet. They are tired of financing the wars we wage against them; the looting of their countries by the World Bank and the IMF; the slavery we have kept them in. Collectively, they are all telling the U.S. to go piss up a rope. They are doing everything in their power to break free of our illegal government and the Cabal. This can only end in a major blow to our financial system if they free themselves. 

                          -- Now The Woo Woo Stuff --


The 20%


Let us assume that the 1947 story of Roswell is true, and that within a year the CIA and the National Security Administration were created to keep things quiet.  Because of the security, there was now a vehicle to bleed off money from the treasury outside of Congressional oversight.  Let's also assume that 20% of the military was spun off to pursue that rabbit hole and reverse engineer the alien technology.  That was sixty years ago, but now we must assume that 20% of the military is at least a hundred years technologically advanced over us, and they did it with our money! 

Here's the fun part, Sports Fans.  If you accept all the above paragraph as truth, then let's take it a few steps further.  The 20% would need the best and the brightest we have to offer.  Therefore, they would need national testing to search out those youngsters, so they might have the right doors open to their education, from an early age until split college.  What do I mean by this you might ask?  If the technology is to be kept secret, then the colleges most assuredly cannot teach it. But at the same time, the colleges must know and use the knowledge in order to expand on it for the benefit of the 20%.  The solution was to split the big colleges.  Certain subjects had two tiers: one for the plain folks and one for the gifted. Imagine knowing that you paid a hundred thousand dollars for a stripped-down  psychology degree from a major university, and another student got the real thing for the same price, which was probably picked up by the 20%!


The feelings that I have is that the 20% military must now come back into the fold quickly, or they will, in a way, perish. I see them as someone standing in the rain outside our door.  They need to come in and rejoin the family, but are afraid to ring the doorbell, so there they just stand. What they fear is us and our reaction when we discover that they had a simple cure for cancer forty years ago and failed to share it with us, all while our kinfolk suffered horribly and died from cancer.


If the 20% rejoins us, as I feel they must, they will have to immediately share all of their technology with mankind and give up control of it in the process, as payment for absolution.  If this occurs, the global financial system will collapse at once.  We will no longer need the electrical, oil, plastics, agro-farm, medical, financial industries, etc.  They will be obsolete overnight.  Our whole culture will stand on its head begging to be recreated.

The ETs

In order to lower your anxiety level, I am going to give you the only real fact I have regarding the ETs, here and now. The rest of the information I have is simply conjecture, the same as yours.  Here's the fact:  If the ETs traveled three million miles to come here to suck the brains out of my head, they are going to be awfully disappointed with me.

If you accept the 20% military above as somewhat true, then you must also accept that a percentage of the UFOs are, or could be, us, in the form of that 20%.   Now just think about that and let it settle in.  Right off the bat, we know that some of the UFOs are us, but in secret.

This paragraph is reserved so you can do some serious thinking about what was just said.  Think about it, damn it!  Don't go jumping ahead.


Before we go and start talking about the Real ETs that may want to suck my brains out, let's deal with the known ETs, that part of humanity, here and now, that lives off-earth. For ease of thinking, let's refer to them as the "20%." This is what I believe about them:  they are Galactic in their travel capabilities; our funding put them there; our offspring replaces their retirements and feeds their intellectual advancement; we continue to finance them, and therefore, they are still dependent on us.  They may be Galactic, but they remain tethered to us by a long umbilical cord.

Now here is what is not known about the 20%.  Are they still dependent on the military, or can, will, or have they, break (broken) away from the military rule?  Both the U.S. military and the 20% are major wild cards in this game as to their support of a One World Government.  However, think about this, Sports Fans.  It surely must be embarrassing for the 20% when bragging in a Galactic singles bar about their intellectual prowess, and at the same time passing out their business cards which read, "Powered by slave labor."  The only thing more embarrassing would be to have training wheels on their space craft.

When I began this article, I said that I thought I figured out what the catalyst for the collapse would be, but later decided I was wrong.  Well, here is that false start.  I figured that if a machine of some sort landed on earth that was obviously not from earth, we would all clamor for a one-world government that could collectively protect us. It had to be a machine, however.  If a being appeared, then the big countries would most probably cut a deal and sell the smaller countries out, if necessary.  But a single machine that does nothing . . . you get no feedback as to what the intentions are, cannot communicate, and become terrified of the unknown. But the time for that is gone, as we have been programmed to accept that intelligent life is flying those UFOs that visit us, so we can forget about the machine probe.

Earlier, I also stated my firm belief that the 20% must now come back into the fold.  I believe that humanity is undergoing a quantum leap in evolution; I will go into detail of this later.  But for now, suffice it to say that if earth bound humanity gets a major upgrade and the 20% do not, technically they are dead, as they are dependent on us for continued life.  Therefore, they must return to the fold to survive, and upon their return, a financial collapse must result from the release of their technology.

The Quantum Leap

A great deal of the visions I got early on indicated that humanity was about to evolve to a higher plane, a higher state of being.   Everything indicated that to me.  Part of what I saw was how humans would live immediately after the collapse. However, I knew that it was simply a stepping stone to something else over time; it was the first baby step.  With that being said though, it was very much a giant baby step.  For with that step, we would be creating smaller, localized communities outside of large governments.  Those communities would be conformed to their inhabitants, not as identical cookies moving on conveyor belts.  What was absent was the fear, leadership control and central governments.  Furthermore, gone was our separation from each other, our lack of compassion, ill health and lack of hope in the future.  Five years ago, I eventually wrote a book about the communities I was seeing.

Of most importance however, was again the collapse of the financial system.  What I came to understand is that humanity has been held back from evolving, and now Mother Nature demands that we proceed on with it immediately.

The thing that was holding us back was our socio-economic system.  It seemed to hold our minds, thoughts and aspirations back, as if we were half asleep, in that twilight awakening state of knowing ourselves but unable to get our bodies in motion.   For thousands of years, we have been locked there, unable to fully awaken.  I saw us as a snake needing to grow, but unable to do so until it sheds it's skin, but in our case, our reality.

But now we are beginning to slowly move, rubbing our eyes, and beginning to see things in the light of day for what they really are; we are leaving the shadow world. 

We are about to enter a world in which we are no longer separate from each other, meaning we will no longer feel alone and fearful.  We will have full healing capabilities for our bodies, free of disease.  We will no longer fear for our survival, but instead use the energy that used to go into that wasteful endeavor to create our life's masterpieces.  

Let me give it to you from a different perspective.  Einstein indirectly created the science of Quantum Physics.  Those that explored that field progressed until they hit a wall - that of religion.  They discovered that we are creating the physical universe by our thoughts.  Let me repeat that - we are creating it.  To simplify and restate this, shit doesn't happen, we create shit!  The scientists realized that we were perhaps co-creating with, or touching the hand of, God. 

They slowed down on publishing and waited for religion to step in and make a declaration, as this was their area, but no religion would touch it.  If they did it would put organized religion out of business.  How could they accept co-creation and at the same time explain God's pre-ordained plan, that we were less than God or downright evil, yet could create like God?  Then the big one, if God created the universe, what were we doing?

When no declaration was forthcoming after twenty years,  the scientists said the heck with them, or something to that effect, and began publishing like crazy.  Their publications got more and more down to the layman's level until the explosive video of What the Bleep Do We Know.  When that didn't seem to do it, it was simplified down even more to Rhonda Byrne's book and video, The Secret.  It can't get any simpler than that.  For the science of this, I recommend David Wilcock's free video or his books.


[Note To The Reader:  If you want a simple, yet profound, step by step explanation, I highly recommend Neale Donald Walsch's, The Complete Conversations with God. Trust me, this book is not about religion!  Not only is he the most logical writer I have ever read, but he will calm every fear that you might have about what is occurring.] 

So, what the hell does all of this have to do with a potential financial collapse and reset, you are probably asking?  Simply put, the physicists are telling us that our thoughts are creating all that is physical.  Since there can never be a shortage of thoughts, there can never be a shortage of physical things.  This is in direct contrast to our current socio-economic system that tells us that there will always be a shortage of the things we need, and we must fight like hell to get our share.

What is happening here is that we are waking up to a new reality -- that we no longer need to fight for it, we can just think it.  This is a massive shift in reality, so massive that with it goes the destruction of the old reality and all the systems that support that fleeting reality, including our financial system.

How long will it take for this to occur, you might ask, as changing realities must be a big deal as it rarely happens.  Do you remember being afraid of the Boogie Man as a child, as we all were?  Then suddenly you weren't.  What changed It?  Well, actually, it was just one thought that changed it.  In that single instant that you realized (thought) that it wasn't real, your reality changed!  That was just you, you might say, but now we are talking about a whole society here.  Have you ever heard of the Hundredth Monkey Effect, or know that it only takes the progressive thinking of approximately 10 - 12% of the population to change the majority of the population to their way of thinking; that is how history tells us culture changes.

If you follow this line of reasoning, then in an instant, our reality may change, leaving our financial system to crash from lack of need for it.


Just A Small Leap

At this point, for the sake of argument, let's assume you did not buy any of the quantum leap.  Let's try something smaller and more comfortable, like the "Hot Stove Theory."  Simplified, it says that if a small child touches a hot stove, you don't ever have to worry about her doing it again. 

What if the only thing resulting from the awakening is humanity's appreciation that living in a world of lies doesn't work?  Can you imagine the impact that would have on Mother Culture, not to mention on our financial system?  Picture a culture that does not permit lying: if a politician lies, he's replaced; if a lie is tendered, you walk away as if the liar just vomited; if a business claim is determined to be a lie, you are out of business.  Imagine. 

Now imagine making personal, business and societal decisions based only on truthful facts.  Imagine the heights humanity could achieve with this kind of power.  Imagine!


What's The Score?



Let's pause and take a recap of who needs the financial collapse:

           ·  The Wall Street Bankers need the collapse.

          ·   The Central Bankers need the collapse.

     ·        The Government needs the collapse.

     ·        The Cabal needs the collapse.

     ·        The Oil Producers need the Petro-Dollar to collapse.

     ·        The rest of the world needs our financial collapse to end our control over them.
             The 20% must return to the fold, creating a collapse.
el Walker In Viral SNL Monologue.

15 Minute Video

·             We need the financial collapse in order to grow as a species. 

                                             Will The U.S. Military Intervene?

This is probably the most asked question next to when. So let's talk about the military. Because I was never a part of the military, let me start with my hither-fore unspoken assumptions about that term "military." My first introduction to it was two years of High School Latin in which all we read was Caesar's Travels, his memoir, of how he conquered the known world. You know me, instead of learning Latin I learned culture. After discovering that it was a brutal and horrible business, I learned that there were two levels to it. There were the top guys who were doing it because of power, the money, and also because it was in them. Then the lower level which consisted of plain men who needed a job and were just trying to survive to get their pension, that being a small parcel of land.

I fell asleep in school and when I woke up we were studying the Feudal ages in History. The only thing I remember from my History book was the pictures of knights in their armor. My thought was always that they were cheating. They were all bundled up protected and picking fights with people in loin cloths. It didn't seem fair. That image was so imprinted in my mind that now when I see pictures of our troops all bundled up with high-tech weapons and wearing body armor, I sense that same unfairness. But I digress.

The point that I am trying to make is that I slept in school. But after school, when I was wide awake, I read any book not assigned to me. I read a lot of my older sister's college books; I bought books; I lived in a library, anything to be around books that I had not been ordered to read. I spent twelve years in Catholic schools where there was a lot of material you were not supposed to be exposed to. I rebelled.

The real turning point for me was the school's version of the Crusades, which made no sense to me. I began to research on my own. What an education I gave myself; it's a shame it didn't reflect on my report card! Here's what my religious version of history failed to reflect.

The Lords all had private militaries, which consisted of knights and all those that supported them. Each day the Knights would go out into the countryside for a quick round of raping, pillaging and looting to earn their keep. Of course, they would generally harass the little folk rather than the neighboring Lord's knights - professional courtesy you know. It got so bad that the little folk feared to venture out and began skipping Sunday church services. By God, that was too much. The Vatican decided to put a stop to it. They decreed that, under threat of being damned to hell, the knights could not rape, pillage or loot on Sundays! Years later, the Vatican was so pleased with itself that it decided to make it a permanent peace by calling for a Crusade to utilize all those soon-to-be unemployed protectors of the realm and sic them on the infidels over there. It was easier and holier to have them kill others than to tell them that their profession was no longer needed.

With that being said, now let us talk about our military. There are two levels in it. Let's say fifteen top brass, and the rest. My belief is that the rest have been cheated from the git-go. They signed up thinking Mom, apple pie and love of the country. They were lied to by the recruiters and our culture. Now they are realizing that they have been had - that, for the most part, they are just paid thugs trying to stay alive. I believe that a majority of this part of the military may be on the verge of mutiny under the right circumstance.

Now let's address the top fifteen brass. Go back and review that eight players who need to crash the financial system. Most of them control the military financing and life after retirement for that Fifteen, plain and simple. I feel that the Fifteen are beholding to them, need them to keep payment to those under them from mutiny, and don't have the guts or ability to cut the ties.

Even if they did, look at what they would be exposing themselves to. Remember the Pottery Barn policy of "If you break it, You own it." Well, that is certainly apropos here. No matter what, the economy will be obliterated. If the military acts before it does, they will own that and have to rectify it. The problem is so massive that there cannot ever be a "planned replacement" for it. The U.S. military cannot make decisions that dictates how the whole world will function. It is a problem that will continue to cycle through: fester, explode, calm, change, and cycle again and again. If the military tries to manage the problem, it will try to placate the top powerful few, out of necessity for the military to survive. And therein is the crux of the problem, for to steer the solution, you end up keeping the problem and not resolving it. It is one fight the military knows it cannot win.

I feel sorry for the Fifteen - they are in a bad place. They too may have a soon-to-be unemployed profession under them, including themselves. They must be forced to believe that the Cabal has a plan to finance them during and after the collapse, but I feel that that plan is nothing more than "trust us." I picture the Fifteen as a small child knowing that the electricity must be switched off, but terrified to touch that big antiquated double-forked switch. The problem is now bigger than the Fifteen Top Brass.
Therefore, it is my opinion that the Fifteen Top Brass will not order the military to intervene, unless it absolutely has to, as in the event of all out nationwide street violence threatening to destroy the military's support system. However, the officer corps under the Fifteen may risk death, under mutiny, and intervene just prior to the point of the threat to the survival of the military comes knocking at their base(s) door.

                              -- Now, Back To The Woo Woo Stuff --


Shane and the Cattleman's Association


How difficult is it to change our culture?  Actually, it is quite simple and is done all the time, right before our eyes; we just never pay attention to it.  All that is required to change culture is the intent to do so. Take, for example, the movie Shane, starring Alan Ladd, that we all enjoyed. Oh my, the tale it can tell!

The Shane saga really began in 1892 with the Johnson County War. Be sure to read the link to it later, as you would swear it is a blueprint for how we are managed today by the big people. The war was an invasion of Northern Wyoming by the Cattleman's Association and their sixty hired guns (including Billy the Kid) for the purpose of killing off their peasant competition and literally burying evidence of the cattle barons' prior crimes.  The invaders had the good guys cornered in a shack when the surrounding counties sent a 400 man rescue posse that chased the sixty invaders to a Baron's large ranch.  The posse cornered them there for three days until President Harrison sent in the army to rescue his and the Governor's friends, the cattle barons.  Criminal justice was never delivered for the crimes of the Barons and their paid gunmen.

Now let's fast-forward to 1949 when Jack Schaefer wrote a book about that event which led to the 1953 movie by the same name as the book.  Of great interest is that both the book and movie are footnotes in our American history.  They are acknowledged because the book was the first written account of the event to be allowed to be published by the Cattleman's Association in fifty-seven years!  The 1953 movie was only allowed to proceed after it was watered down and disguised.


The Cattleman's Association was so powerful that no newsprint or other publications dealing with the event were allowed anywhere in the country for those fifty-seven years.  Their intent, that the event be concealed, controlled the publishers. The invaders' memoirs were only permitted to be collected forty years after the fact. As for our culture, for those near sixty years, the Johnson County War never existed.

Have I impressed you yet on how easy it is to alter culture?  No, you say?  Let's do it this way then.  Back in the late 50s big beautiful colorful posters started showing up in classrooms all over the country depicting the Basic Food-Group Pyramid, which incidentally, always had meat at its base. These were most welcomed by the teachers because at that time, they had no visuals in their classrooms, so the FREE, and in color, posters were most welcomed.  The problem was that they were known to be wrong then as they are wrong now.  But they instilled in us the false fact that we are starving if we don't eat a big piece of meat at every meal.  The beef industry lied to us and altered our culture.  They blocked out what they didn't want and added what they did want. Imagine that Sports Fans. 



The Most Powerful Player Here


We've dealt with the military as a major wild card so now let's re-look at the 20%.  If they are still under the military, then they have been dealt with.  If they have been traded to NATO, they are still very much a wildcard and a major player to be reckoned with, so keep them in mind.  This can also be said if the 20% becomes a free agent - watch them.

The Real ETs need to be addressed now.  If we assume that they are real, then we must decide how many groups there are, what is each group's intention and power base, how does each group feel about our becoming free or enslaved under the NWO? 


This gets real hairy here, so let's do some good old-fashioned  math canceling out and substitution to simplify things.  Let us assume that all groups are thousands of years ahead of us technologically. If that is the case, if they should decide to show their ass, we don't stand a chance.  That puts the Real ETs in the same position as the 20%.  If either decides to intervene or show their ass, it's a total game changer.  Therefore, let's leave them grouped together, and watch them but not sweat them - there is nothing we can do about it.  We are done with the Real ET's (sorry gang).


Now we are ready to deal with the most powerful player left. That is going to be the pivot player and the one to watch.  Ironically, it is the most reluctant player in the game. Of course, I am referring to us.


Let's Bring  It On Home


Shane shows us how easy it is to change our culture.  Now all we have to do is change our culture to create the "grandest version of the greatest vision we ever held about Who We Are ", as Neal Donald Walsch would say. And as I would say. "Let's stop all this crap and get on with it -- let's evolve."  It's not something that will just happen to us; it's something that we must choose.


What's that you say,  Shane only shows us how money and power controls us?  Oh no no, quite the contrary!  As humanity awakens, our intention becomes to change from our past. All we have to do is continue to awaken others.  As we grow in numbers, our collective intention gains strength exponentially.  When enough of, We the People, overpower the Cabal with our thoughts, they cannot counter that.  If we abandon their reality, they are left with nothing.  Das Homeland is gearing up for a physical fight when the fight is mental.


Ah, come on now, surly you are not still concerned that the Cabal has money and power and We the People do not?  OK, let's talk about that. The Cattleman's Association did have money and power and did bulldoze all those in their way with it.  I concede that.  However, consider this.  The Cattleman's Association only had a small membership, as a percentage of the population. The reason they won out over the competition is that their lack of numbers of members sharing the common intent was bolstered by using their money to alter the intents of others - they bought the intent of others.


We don't have unlimited money, but we don't need it.  We don't have to buy the intent of say, 80%, of the population if they already share our intent!  The Cabal is so few, and we are so many!


So what all this boils down to is that YOUR decision on how this will end has just been laid at YOUR doorstep.  It's up to you. If you cower and give up hope, then that is your choice on how to use your intent.  On the other hand, if you continue to hold the vision and attempt to awaken others, I thank you.

For all of you who continue to help humanity awaken, in my book, each of you are
Planetary Heroes, Extraordinaire!  Hold the vision!


  See:   Humanity Awakens - Part II    

                                          Author:       Jim Costa


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