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Jim’s Daily Rant. Yellow Frogs – Part VII : Jobs and Where To Go after GESARA Is Implemented.

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

After WWII, Europe was rebuilt with high-rise apartment complexes to replace homes. The Bankers made a financial killing. After Europe they continued the binge and developed in the large cities of the U.S.

But something unexpected happened in both Europe and the U.S. Both locations lost their culture, community roots and connections. Instead of people talking from their porches and sidewalks, they were now locked behind a front wall with no windows and a solid door with a peephole. Families were locked in isolation, destined to fend off the world alone. When their kids escaped to the outside unsupervised they were picked off by the gangs. This is our cities of hell today.

So the question of "where to live?" will arise when we realize we can now correct the wrongs in our lives. Do we wish to age alone in a walled in cage to suffer, waste away, and die alone, to rot on the floor and be eaten by our pet? If so then how many years do we intend to live like this if it will not cost us to relocate to a happier life?

In our present culture the kids grow up and away mainly for economic reasons. Would the young and old change this if they had the opportunity?

These are the issues that lie ahead tempting us to live the grandest life we ever envisioned. But first we need to look at jobs and see that the new opportunities opening to us will not fit everyone. Some of us will have difficulty to evolve by recognizing Who We Are and will remain stuck in the dog-eat-dog world of today. We may need more time on the current mouse wheel we are all trapped on, unable to get off of it right now. We may remain behind in the old world. We will continue to push for the ultimate paycheck, to own the world, reach the top, miss our family as it grows and fail to experience our life in an entirely new light. And that will be fine. The world will always need these types to continually perfect itself.

But for those of us not wishing to play that game anymore there will be lots of opportunities. One such opportunity is to relocate near family or a location that draws us, such as the mountains or ocean. So that might be our first decision if we are newly wealthy living a life of somewhat loneliness. So let’s get straight to it. In the dreams I had twenty years ago I saw how many people will choose to live differently in a co-operative intentionally created community. This was the subject of my book which explained all the details of such a place and how it could be created. It was all I saw. The community would provide jobs for those that choose to work. The community would fund career training, job opportunities or support those that choose to work outside. These communities would allow and support a few members in forming companies to work outside, or to produce for the benefit of the community. The community itself would decide all theses issues. A person can get his investment money back (if there is any) and move elsewhere if they wish. These communities could be about 400 to 600 persons. They might sponsor neighboring communities, they might specialize in running a small country hospital or assisted living if they wish. They are free to create as they choose.

So these communities will create jobs for those that wish them but they might just be for a 10 - 20 hour work week as money would only be needed as individual “mad” money.

I think you get the picture. We all will have the freedom to recreate the rest of our lives. In regards to money, even the poorest among us could easily move into one of these communities.

For a better view of such a community see my website: Link I intend to build such a community near Pensacola, Florida post Reset.

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1 Comment

John Duggan
John Duggan
Dec 03, 2022

I hope you don't mind me being a little sceptical. Nesara Gesara, both give money away and thus reduce its value. Too much money makes it worth less etc. Clif High says so at least in his analysis of where we're going in the Woo and delcares we will be living in a scifi world in the near future. Of course Martin Armstrong thinks WW3 is inevitable, or should I say his ocmputer says so. Your predictions are more positive, so I lean toward them, but ....

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