OTC Covid-19  Medications

Preventative Medications without Prescriptions:    


      Preventative and use if Covid Patient:     PDF
      See Also:                           Zstacklife.com 


      Obtaining and Using Ivermectin:           PDF

Treat Covid Yourself:

      $10 per Patient, $150 inventory            PDF
       or around 18 patients for $170.

The Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance    Link

If You Have Been Vaxed:

Clif High is the most trusted person I know who has the experience to give advice on this.  He researched and cured himself from a near death from cancer. 

Cilf's med list is at the top of his Twitter Account.   Link

     See Also: 

Detox Bath Recipe Removes: Radiation Poisoning / Pesticides / Heavy Metals / Parasites / Nano Bots / Graphene Oxide (Black Goo) / Chemtrails / Jabs & More

I have no further information for detoxing from the vax.
However, try checking the sites below. 
You may have to go back a few months.

           See:          Natural News Articles         Link
           See Also:    Mike Adams Podcasts          Link


Overall Starting Point For All Covid Meds Research:

Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance