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Jim’s Daily Rant. Yellow Frogs – Part V: New Economic Systems After The Collapse.

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

Before we begin, know that Parts 4 and 5 in this series are so closely intertwined that I am tempted to treat them together, but I won’t. Just remember that Part 4 in this series is of Part 5 and Visa versa.


* Many countries will try to lock down their borders immediately while weak from the financial collapse. Then as new businesses and new Economic Systems emerge, the borders will gradually reopen.

* Because of the border lock downs, the global big box chains will probably be bankrupt.

* Communities will have to fend for themselves, thus expect a rush for new entrepreneurs and creation of local economies again.

* Due to GESARA, many older persons will be financially well off and not need work. Due to GESARA, many young persons will need to work as there may not be a Nanny State for them.

* Most banks will be defunct and not be there to make loans for business start-up capital.

What We Are Leaving Behind:

Silent Partners: We will leave behind our two silent partners: the IRS and the Banksters forcing us to earn more and more just to stay alive. Because of them we must surrender our integrity.

Stacked Deck For Biggies:

The big companies normally get that way because they cheat. They cheat getting to the top and remaining there by killing off competition. New start-ups have great struggles in coming alive.

It’s All Lies

A business owner must lie to remain profitable. That is because his very life depends on it (in his eyes). Thus we create a world around us of mostly lies. Thus that is how we arrived at where we are today; abusing and being abused because it’s all right, we all do it.

Frightened To Have A Baby Or Grow Old.

If we slow down by having a sick baby or being noticed next to a Whipper Snapper, we get stressed and slow down more. We live a life of being income insecure.

Planned Failure.

Our systems pit us against each other to always push production. People must fall by the wayside to motivate the survivors.

Where We Are Heading:

Remove Motivation For Cheating & Lying:

This is simple to do. In fact, we used to do this. But can you imagine a world like this? Isn’t it worth striving for?

Reduction In Hours:

Why must we have two wage earners in the family working 60 hours per week on a job or three part-time jobs? Who says it has to be this way?

How We Might Get There:

Community Funding:

The newly retired wealthy from GESARA will need something to invest their money in. They will likely join local investment syndicates like a Small Business Investment Cooperative. These will be somewhat different than what we are used to seeing. They will not only have a member on the board of a business invested in, but they will assist in guidance and expert advice to that business to insure it’s survival. Local loans made will be less in interest then bank credit. The goal is to support both the business and the community.

Not only can the community help in financing but by volunteer help and discounted purchases. Sound crazy? Consider in older days when a small community would pitch in to entice a doctor to move there. Consider today our governments offering tax discounts and credit guarantees on loans (cosigned government bonds issued) for a new large business in the area.

Community Auditing:

Governments have the right to issue corporate charters as well as the right to revoke them if a corporation is no longer of value to the state. So too might a county audit, monitor and assign a Beneficial Rating for all businesses there. That rating can be published for all to see. That rating could be used by money and personal energy supporters, as in the above section, to make their decisions as benefactors. It could also be used by local customers.

None of this precludes a business from making profits. But when the business resorts to questionable honesty or makes great profits where it no longer needs local support, that support may be ended.

Dwindling Hours:

Hopefully job sharing becomes the norm, allowing for a shorter work-week for the employees. To get there higher wages might be offered. Time will tell on where this goes. This all needs to be sorted out by the local community, because it must support it.

Skilled older workers now newly wealthy may be needed to work part-time to train young workers. All discussed in this section could cause immediate jobs available to job seekers and at the same time support the newly retired in the community that need to invest their money and insure they get it back. This becomes a perfectly balanced ship in motion.

Final Thoughts

Each community must bring up and support its local economy. This can be done in many ways and all should be tested. There cannot be one Economic model replacement for the entire country because if one is marched out you can be sure it’s controlled by someone.

I have extensive plans prepared for any county to freely use in organizing itself in creating its own economy. I will share this in a later Rant.

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