• Jim Costa

Navy Seal Michael Jaco & Gene Decode Give Update On Disclosure & Child Rescue [Must Hear]

25 Minute Video [Recapped]

8 MM That's why the people have to be secured first; we can't become the CABAL; we can't let the ends justify the means. That's why we have to follow the law. That's why we need to depend on military tribunals. We can't have mob riots.

[He was referring to the peoples' state of mind when they all discover all the depravity that has been covered up by the Deep State.]

9 MM They have already been hanged. They are being put in prison now. 10 MM The vaccinations can be stopped when need be.

16 MM World wide leaders of countries are stepping down - we just don't get the news here on this. 18 MM Discusses quantum physics. What we think we create. The CABAL has been scaring us to think into existence what the CABAL wants.

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