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Jim’s Rant For The Day. How To Find The Woo People To Teach Us.

Yesterday in Clif High’s Woo are you? Human? Flat? Or Exceptional?, he states our current problem is the Woo people and Woo teachers are hard to locate in today’s world culture. So how does one go about opening up their intuitive psychic abilities, both to see the future as well as to create the future you intend?

There are no longer schools or formal teachers putting themselves out there. There is no one how-to book, no one method. Please allow me to share with you my experience in this and my suggestions. But again, there is no one correct way to accomplish this.

To begin with, you are the teacher. You have to decide you want to learn the intuitive ways. Therefore, you have to read books from documented intuitives so that you can believe that what you are going after is indeed possible. Sitting in a seminar will not get you there if you begin with doubts.

Start with meditation followed by dream interpretations. You can do this yourself. Once I got familiar with meditation I joined a meditation group whose leader then coached me a little. The lady who taught her authored a great book that covers both subjects. See The Dream Book ($3 - $17)

Meditation can be as simple as drinking half a bottle of beer then laying back on a beach towel, closed eyes, forgetting about the dirty laundry backed up and focusing only on the sounds of the birds and moving water for 15 minutes. So no, you don’t have to take a class.

I did it by boiling my butt in a hot tub an hour at a time twice a day. I had no idea it was meditating. I would only think fifteen minutes had passed. I learned a lot in doing that, including don’t do it like I did. I gave myself kidney stones from dehydration. I then joined an air conditioned free group, as they all are. Groups is where you want to start as it has helpful members and the group experience is so much more powerful on you and your health improvement.

See this 4 Minute Video by Dr. John Hagelin, a quantum physicist and one of the presenters in the videos listed below. He later specialized in studying the power of group meditation.

The best tips I can share is pee before meditating and never group meditate on an empty stomach, it’s too embarrassing. Before beginning take in four extremely deep breaths, hold for a couple seconds and exhale. This super oxygenates the body and relaxes it. Don’t think at all, just be. Don’t expect to see or hear anything in the way of intuitive thoughts although that may occasionally occur. For me the payoff is dreaming during the night. If you don’t dream then each day continue to tell yourself during the day that you will dream and remember it. This turns that switch on.

As far as the creativity part of being intuitive I suggest you contact people you know that seem to be happy, leaders, calm and know where they are going. Ask if they are familiar with The Secret (book or free full video) or the video of What The Bleep Do We know? (Trailer or free full video) If they answer yes ask if they can help you understand it. If they are indeed practitioners they will jump through hoops to mentor you for free. They will get as much out of the mentoring as you will. If they ask for something in exchange run from them; they are not practitioners.

Happy hunting folks if this is where you decide to go. Personally I can tell you it’s a great life.

If anyone wants a free coach contact me. We can do it over the phone and through emails.

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John Duggan
John Duggan
22 de fev.

Karate is a good way to become psychic. It's moving Zen. Just flow through katas.

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