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Jim’s Daily Rant. More On The De Jure’ Grand Juries Order Served In 2015.

I am going to repeat my involvement with De Jure’ Grand Juries as I am writing for a few other sites that have not been following this story, so bear with me.

First you need to know that this morning I gave a quick look for the 15 page Indictment & Ruling that SGAnon said was served in 2015. I did not find it on his sites he said he would post it to. I assume the White Hats instructed him not to post it for security for the jurors. If you can locate it I would appreciate a copy.

What Is A De Jure' Grand Jury?   

Prior to 1066 in England, the King was the Judge and a Jury of Peers was all Lords, not commoners. After the King lost their Civil War, the king lost his control over their legal system. Now a grand jury could be called by a common person with the jury of common persons, not the government. De Jure’ means “Lawful” whereas De Facto means “Unlawful but recognized as lawful”. Our country had only De Jure’ courts until after our Civil War. That is when governments began running the court system and only the government could call for a Grand Jury, now De Facto. We were back to the King and his friends running the legal system. We soon forgot out history of gained freedom.

My Experience with De Jure’ Grand Juries ten to fifteen years ago.  

I spent 6 months trying to bring up jurors to be prepared to convene De’Jure Grand Juries in every county in Florida (60) to restore the Florida Republic. I had the top half of the state.There is no history to restore a usurped Republic, so we had to wing it. First you have to bring up a county assembly, then train it to run a legal system. We had no cook books for this, no experienced leadership in this and above all, no money. After 6 months we failed from lack of organization and funding, but we did develop a lot of plans and experience.

During that time there were several other national groups competing to accomplish the same result – to restore all state Republics and then as one assembly, restore the Federal Republic. Note that for a Federal government to be a Republic, all its member states must first be Republics.

I have said to do what we were competing to do was like being in a dark basement, with no lights or windows and wearing sunglasses, searching for a black cat. Occasionally we would hear the door open and someone saying “I think I got it.” as they closed the door and left. We never knew how other groups were progressing as we did not link up.

A friend and I developed a legal system plan and designed a free software system to coordinate the state legal systems. We all knew that rulings by a De Jure’ Grand Jury would in some manner have to be backed by either guns or tanks at first.

How come I never heard about the 2015 2015 De Jure’ “Supreme Court” Ruling?

My guess is they knew it was a hot potato that a few Bubbas with guns could not enforce; the Military was needed. The Military realized that to be successful a lot of planning and training was needed to take the entire country back to Republics in one motion, like pulling the tablecloth from under dishes. That took ten years of research and planning. Then let’s throw NESARA and later GESARA on it. Just imagine the additional planning and coordination time that added.

The reason we, the Folks, never heard of it is to protect the Jurors from being killed, that’s why. Until the veiling tablecloth is removed from the table, they must be protected. I suggest that SGAnon didn’t just “find” that 15 page Grand Jury case, no, it was handed to him. Why? Because it is now time to yank on that cloth and remove it all at once. Therefore, it was disclosed because it’s time we know of it and we needn’t worry.

However, the real bottom line is that the States' and Federal Government's Republics are now restored!


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