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Jim’s Daily Rant. What SGAnon Said Today – It Is An Absolute Game Changer! [Absolute Must See]

Jeff got it right in his post today. SGAnon’s post, Russia-NATO War Underway | US Congress Preparing for FINSYS Collapse | Alliance Assassinations: Iran Purge, as it is terribly boring and will put you to sleep, so beware.

But it is the most important podcast SGAnon has ever made, and assures me that the Military is now following the commands of We The People!

In a nutshell:

30 MM In 2015 County Assembles were created in all 50 states and then they held court. All 50 states then issued together, through De Jure’ Grand Juries, orders outlining what the Deep State was doing that is illegal and must cease and desist that activity immediately.

As a collective of all 50 states, that court was now the highest lawful court in the land.

46 MM At the end of their ruling, they caused that ruling to be posted along with its demand order, to all sheriffs and all court houses. That ruling required oaths of office be taken, Bonds be put up (commercial or personal property).

If they didn’t stop that shit they would face Treason. Therefore, they were served in mass, so Miki's organization is no longer needed with the exception of training the citizens to be part of Assemblies and juries.

50 MM The Deep State ignored those orders.

50 MM Donald Trump was then run for president. Under the 50 State De Jure Grand Jury order, he instituted the Continuity of Government orders and put together the World Alliance to inforce that Order from the People.

In 2016 the U.S. Military Code of Operations was upgraded to facilitate the above Grand Jury orders.

In the process of time, they have been seizing assets of the criminals and locating hidden assets to seize. They have also been shutting down Human trafficking and organ harvesting operations by illegal parties.

55 MM We are now working under a hybrid of Common Law. Corporate law and the new Military Code of Operations. This process brings us to the return of Trump/elections. We must do it legally. We must salvage from the old system what we need and destroy all the rest.


On a Personal Note:


I was afraid that the United De Jure Grand Juries (50 State) did not exist yet and had to hurriedly be completed in a rush. Now I can rest as they have already completed their part in all this.

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