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Jim’s Daily Rant. How Long Will It Take For Miki Klann’s Plan to Take Down the Corporate Government & How Might It Play Out?

Updated: Apr 9

I believe it will all happen before June, 2024.

Prior Countries Over Us:

We know that other countries have given up control over the US Republic (the Queen of England, the Vatican, etc.). This was done when trump visited them all after first taking office of the President.

Our Corporate Governments and NGOs are Bankrupt Now.

It appears that the US Corporation is bankrupted as well as the Federal Reserve. They are just ghosts still going just like the U.S. Confederacy in their last two hours in existence. But until the common people see the body being laid in a grave they still see them as viable and so the con continues.

Patriot Assemblies In Action

Over April and May, County Patriot organizations like PMAs and County Assemblies will raise up and push documents calling out those government organizations for crimes – proving their cons. The same tactics will be used to target major corporations as government partners.

Future of the Legal System:

In the meantime, Trump is just playing with the corporate government’s fake legal system as a means to show the common person how evil it is; it is far from justice. I believe all the actors in court cases against Trump are just forced to be actors in a giant play. Those players know it will end badly against them but they are trapped in the play.

Within Patriot Assemblies Action,  within a month or two, I believe Trump will prove his point and that the corporate legal system will be no more. This will cause great chaos in the economic system. This will happen probably prior to June 2024.

We Are Preparing For the New Common Law Legal System Now:

It is for that reason that we must have County Assemblies and PMAs up and running as they can convene DE Jure Grand Juries for criminal Indictments as well as De Jure Petit courts (trial courts).

These will take the place of government Attorney Generals who will be no more. At best they can learn Common Law in six months, give up their BAR registration and perhaps join the new legal system.

The Take down and Rebirth of Republics.

So when Trump decides, as the Commander-In-Chief of the Military, he will close down the corporate Federal Government and the Federal agencies in some manner (or allowing them to die).

Assemblies will begin to refill Republic seats vacated since 1871. These seats will then to give orders to the US. Military.

This will usher in chaos and confusion:

1) Who owns corporate Government buildings?Does the Republic commander them? Buy them at fire sale prices? Compete with them as they continue to scam the public?

2) Do we go back to the 1871 Federal and State Republic Constitutions and abandon the current fake corporate CONSTITUTION? If yes or no to the above, how do we create government devolution to shrink the old government intrusive ways? How do we quickly get rid of unconstitutional laws we don’t want?

How do we add or keep the laws we do want that are in accordance with the Republic Constitutions?

3) How do we bank, know how to continue commerce using some government oversight agencies and deleting other government oversight agencies?

How do we work around and liquidate many bankrupt entities from all this chaos when the courts that deal in such matters may no longer exist?

4 thru Infinity) All the other heavy questions.


Nesara & the New Economic System

Facts & Assumptions:

1) I assume you are familiar with NESARA and GESARA. If not research it or email me. 2) There is no new Economic system. If there is a canned one on the shelf run from it. It was put there by the Banksters. We must recreate our own new system in our local communities as we crawl out of the train wreck. Over time we will adopt what others have done that is better than us and discard what we did that just ain’t right. This is how Mama nature does it. This will be the chaos period. See:  

3) NESARA (National Economic Security and Recovery Act), or something like that, will kick in a few (2-3) months after the collapse, as we expect it and are certain the collapse just happened, kicks in. New systems must be in place to implement it (banking, courts, Republic leaders installed, etc)

What to Expect:

A) The Recovery part is what everyone wants to know about. Think in terms of Reparations for damages done by the CABAL to us in our lifetimes.

To undue the Gordian Knot for just one person at retirement age would require a hundred lawsuits as it must make amends for defrauding me every time I walked into a bank, paid taxes, used the industrial medical system and chewed on my crib painted with Sherwin Williams paint. Then add in for those in war the value of loss of happiness in their lives. Now place a total value on that for all US Citizens.

Now you see the problem.

The Solution Step 1 is using Social Security records, divy up all repatriated wealth from the CABAL that is and will be repatriated. Divide it up in shares and then pay out based on age, earning history, etc.

This is expected to be $Millions to the older folks and a lot less to the Whipper Snappers. The reparation payments will be a one time check.

The Solution Step 2 will be loan forgiveness to most/all banks by persons. This will be easy as most of the big banks will be bankrupt. Who would you pay and why pay them if the defrauded you. No one can sue you to collect from a fraud. This will be a defined system no one has seen yet.

Solution Step 3: Money Buybacks. We will be able to cash in FRN (dollars) for new gold back currency/money.

B) Now the emotional part. SSI and Medicare programs were promises by a corporation, now defunct. I believe that system will function for a few months (3-6) until reparations have paid out. Then those programs will end.

C) True Impact Of NESARA

The question I am asked most is “If we get $millions as reparations and mortgage forgiveness, who will work?”

Let’s look at it using an AGE spectrum with Oldys on the right and Whipper Snappers on the left.

The Oldys get $$$$$ and the WSs get $.

That is how we will start the new Monopoly Game off.

If the grandson wants to get laid he must work; no finance no romance – laws of nature #1.

The Oldys and mid- Oldys will all be retired, opening jobs up to younguns. They had best be learning leadership as supervisors, foremen and group managers don’t get in until 30 to 35 in age, as leadership is not taught in any school, it is experienced. See: Free Business Leadership Online School.  

Now leaders will have to come from the unexperienced under 30 age group. God help them! I hope many younger retired Oldies will work enough to train the younguns for awhile.

Now for the Rich Farts. They will become the family bankers, financing the new businesses that must spring up to replace the big corporations and all the small business that fail in the chaos.

See: Family Banking   Both the Oldies and Younguns will need to know how to start and run a business. See: Free Business Leadership Online School.

Once we begin to crawl out, the Rich Farts may use this site to rebuild their own county. See:  

Some of the Older ones and Whipper Snappers may wish to combine forces and create a Cooperative village together, creating jobs for themselves for as long as they choose to live there. It is expected they will have to work only 20 hours per week and all family needs will be met for life. See:

Some of the Older ones may wish to purchase single level smaller homes and give their kids their current big house if they will move back home. This will pull families back together again as families together for life.

Note: All websites listed here are free access and were built by Jim Costa.

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