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Jim’s Daily Rant. Is Jeff Right This Morning? Memorial Day Bank Failures?

I had a crazy night last night but no dreams. I got up at midnight to check the Silver Market on the far side. It was up a Dollar to around $32.50!

Then I saw that Jeff had sent me a post. I couldn't get both eyes open so I one-eye copied it into my WIX website and spent several minutes reformatting it to post. I never read it until this morning.

My gut tells me he is right about Iran.

But I was surprised when he pointed out that Memorial Day is next weekend, making it a 3 day weekend. Long weekends are always suspect to me for a banking collapse.

My Rant of yesterday, What Clif Couldn’t Say Yesterday, was my wrestling with the timing of banking collapses in regards to Clif’s prediction of the Dollar’s final collapse in the Fall.

Although unsaid in my Rant, I was trying to reconcile his many prior statements that our government would be closing down in June due to lack of money.

Then in yesterday’s SGAnon’s, SG Anon: NESARA Intel & The Vril & More - May, 2024, he shared a personal feeling about the banks. He said he was quite surprised that the banks didn’t collapse in April.


So getting back to Jeff’s comment about Memorial Day, these were my immediate feelings on the subject:

1) Why the rush to debate Biden in June? Could it have been orchestrated by Trump as to the timing?


Recall Sun Tzu, in his Art of War, his advise to meet your enemy in battle when he is the weakest. What could be weaker then when government employees are leaving because of lack of paychecks? Wouldn’t this prove to Biden supporters that the Corporate government is indeed bankrupt? That debate will never make it to TV.

2) To me, these are the order for dominoes to fall. First some U.S. big banks go, including the Bank of America and JP Morgan, as they are the main minions of the Federal Reserve.

When they go there may be chaos in our SWIFT payment system. Without those banks and the SWIFT system, the Federal Reserve cannot use trickery in Treasury Bond auctions. The Fed Reserve is now dead.

3) With the Big banks and Fed Reserve dead, the Biden government is out of business, period.

4) This might be the time for the White Hats to make announcements. It will also the right time for the Military to step in, as a defensive position to protect the country, as we make appropriate changes for the new Republic to come online.

5) With #4 step completed the new currency is ushered in with a drop dead date to the Federal Reserve Dollar in the U.S.. That end date will be sometime in the Fall.


Your thoughts?

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