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Jim’s Daily Rant. What Clif Couldn’t Say Yesterday.

things his data set couldn’t tell him.

He said:

Likely This Fall . . . .
When you see the combination of the 'news' about bond-rehypothecation, 'derivatives', and cryptos are running, be very very very careful about where you place your wealth. It will be very dangerous time. Many disreputable players will be very active.
This period will be the very last BOOM in financial history, as the fiat dollar will die, and you can only have boom/bust cycles with fiat currencies, not real money..

Just exactly how are we to interpret this in the grand scheme of things?

A) Does the phrase “The Fiat Dollar will die” mean that will be the last of the dollar in history or that it will just begin dying?

B) Does it mean we are correctly witnessing it die now and will continue to die until Fall?

C) Does it Imply that all fiat currency globally will die as some anticipate?

D) Does it prove or disprove an Alliance exists and will negotiate all countries to return to asset based money, making all Fiat obsolete?

If so, will the Fiat collapse be when this is introduced to the world or is the Fiat collapse when the last country has made the conversion away from Fiat in the Fall?


As Robert Kiyosaki said in his book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, “there are only two money problems: Too little and too much.” Those with too much are always terrified in protecting their wealth.

My take away from Clif’s warning is to watch your wealth really close until the true Dollar finally collapse in the Fall. Then we can all relax and continue on with financial life in more relaxed trading. I feel all currencies will be equal in value at that time.

We are at the beginning of the silver rocket ride, and that means the Dollar is collapsing faster now.

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