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From Jeff - IRAN plus a Miscellaneous Rant.

IRAN:  Remain CALM - I'm putting my 2 cents on the posts below:

But first, we had a curious premonition post on May 14:


And a helicopter crash meme:

MOSSAD - It's never an accident.


Five Iran posts starting here - text pasted below:

Iranian President is NOT DEAD. He has multiple body doubles.

Trump being briefed about Iran right now.

Putin has been briefed.

People do not understand what a body double is?

Iran is safe   BRICS is safe

The New Republic of Iran has been born.


Three posts starting here - text pasted below:

BREAKING: Russian President Putin says Russia is standing by Iran with all its power.

BREAKING: US Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer says helicopter crash involving Iran's president 'looks like an accident' and intelligence authorities have told him there is 'no evidence of foul play'

[Since it's Chucky, I'm flipping it to probable Hit Job.]

BREAKING: Iran's Supreme Leader says that 'if we find evidence that Israel is involved in the helicopter crash of the President of Iran, we will respond beyond the imagination of Israel and its allies.


Summary from Shadow of Ezra:

You are witnessing a race between two superpowers who are trying to establish themselves as the world's financial power.  The old order represents the Federal Reserve System, IDF and the World Bank.  The replacement is BRICS.  Assassinations will work in both directions.


My Comments:

I believe the US will eventually join the BRICS system when the dust settles after currencies are leveled and asset backed.  It might just be a transfer link or possibly everything will be under a Starlink/QFS umbrella.  Maybe the the QFS is actually the BRICS system?  Over the centuries Global financial control has moved from East to West so maybe it's Russia's turn.

It's Sunday night and metals are unusually volatile - look out Monday morning?  Look closely at faux ticker tape on this Debt Clock market meme from Apr 24.  May 18th on the Julian calendar is 5/5, a common Q theme - is this the weekend for THE START?


=====  Miscellaneous Rant  =====

Clif is now bashing Halper-Hayes for being a paid media consultant.  Is she not allowed to make a living?  I worked for the Cabal infected DoD for 30+ years - is that okay?  Clif said he wrote software for Microsoft - what could be more Cabal than Microsoft?  At some point most of us worked for the DS in some form or fashion.  Gonna bash the greeter at the Cabal's Walmart next?  Look in the mirror Clif - what is your Truther bashing agenda?

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