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Jim’s Daily Rant. Conscious Evolution – Part IV.

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

A month back I awoke from a dream in which I saw a vision much like a scene from the movie The Longest Day. I saw thousands of troops laying pinned down on the Normandy Beach on D Day, not moving from their position at the sea’s edge. I knew I had kept seeing the vision over and over again that night. I got up to use the bathroom and went right back into it although I didn’t want to. It was depressing, no progress at all.

It reminded me of sea stories I have read of sailors nearly going mad when they were trapped in the Doldrums, that part of the sea near the equator in which the wind dies down periodically. Sometimes they can be there for weeks, unable to sail.

Just before waking up an hour later, I saw the beachhead again, but this time from much higher. This time I saw lone men or small groups moving forward from the rest, independently. I realized they were unwittingly becoming the pathfinders.

It feels like we have been in our own Doldrums the past two years, doesn’t it? It also feels we have been all alone in the loss of our country; no real solution in sight. Each day we are seeing horrible headlines of the WEF taking over humanity and we can’t do a thing about it. Yes, the Doldrums can actually drive a sailor mad. We feel it too.

But a month ago when I got out of bed I realized the dreams' message that I was too slow to see and therefore the repetition. There are countless unwitting pathfinders all around us now, who were born to be here at this time to show us the way. Some have been here 30 – 40 years, some just 1 or 2. Some are high up and important, some just playing small bit parts. But collectively all are showing us the known way.

There are no coincidences in the Universe. All is the way it is supposed to be right now. The common trait I know about the early pathfinders is they “feel I was born to do this.” I have heard that hundreds of times, that their lives were somehow directed to, dedicated to, this awakening. Some of you readers have expressed and feel this way as well.

There are literately millions of pathfinders here holding the vision for newcomers or those having difficulty in believing. Now I ask you, would the Universe misdirect all of them to the wrong time and now is not when we are intended to mass consciously evolve? I can make mistakes but I don’t believe the Universe would make such a monumental mistake.

Folks, hold tight to the vision. Screw the scary headlines, they are just headlines. Now is humanity’s time, I assure you. The universe does not allow coincidences.

Our problem is not that the WEF is evil, our problem is that we are not advanced yet, but we are taking care of that now, thank god.

This terrifying moment is exactly where we are meant to be. Hold Fast because in a couple of months the Central Banks will roll over before us and then we will say “We Made It”. We will continue on to complete our journey together to “Create the grandest version of the greatest vision we ever held about our self.”

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John Duggan
John Duggan

Well done Jim. You are spot on.

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