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Jim’s Daily Rant. Conscious Evolution – Part V.

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

If the Mass Conscious Evolution really does occur, how will we know it?

Statistics is the math study of natural probability. It is the science of predicting the outcome probability of an event. Statistics helps us see a definite wave of how changes take place in nature. It shows us a bell shaped curve over time, with 2/3rds of an observed change happening in the tall spectrum

Let's take popcorn as an example. We put the kernels in a covered pot and put the heat to it. A few minutes pass with nothing happening then we hear a pop, then another, then two or three, then lots of pops for a minute or so. Then the popping tappers off until we can't wait any longer and we pour it up for devouring. What remains are the unpopped kernels.

Is it possible that some of those pathfinders are freshly popped kernels, a harbinger of what is about to happen to the rest of us? Is it possible that the evolution that I speak of as coming is actually occurring now?

If this is occurring now I doubt we would be able to spot those harbingers by appearance. I suspect the only change in them would be the way they think, and we can’t see thinking in others, much like a computer software upgrade. Or could it be god just blowing more clarity into us? It just occurs to me that perhaps even those upgraded would not spot the enlightenment in them, that it would simply be subtle changes in thoughts, perhaps lessening of fears and unwanted emotional baggage. This sounds more like a three Martini lunch doesn’t it?

I now definitely feel even a person that has consciously evolved might not be aware of the changes in them. Perhaps because they are still in the same life they were before they popped. But perhaps the changes will visibly occur as the collapse generates more chaos, and the evolved will be rethinking their ways of life, out of necessity, to recreate to recover. Perhaps then we will be able to spot those that have popped and not popped yet, but by then it shouldn’t matter to anyone.

Spooky, reassuring, questionable and complex all at the same time, isn’t it?

See: Part I

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