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Jim’s Daily Rant. Conscious Evolution. Compare and Contrast All Articles This Week.

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

I learned a life lesson as a young adult hearing a comedian tell of his Korean War recollection of the 4th day of cold miserable snow weather. "No hot food for five days, earlier his buddy was killed and Sarge says in the morning we’re going over the top. Mail arrived and I got a letter from the finance company saying that unless two payments are made on the car they will cause trouble."

I learned that day that everything has to be put into perspective in order to see the whole picture.

We know we are in a psychological war in which both sides are shepherding us by use of fear. Today Alex Neuman reminds us that the Deep State Absolutely Wants to Kill You and they are trying to herd us into 3 or 4 basic central governments that they can later combine into their One World Government.

Yesterday Clif High (#1, #2) says IF we win the war in Ukraine then the Khazarian Mafia will finally die after 700 years of creating wars among us for their benefit.

SGT Report said in FULL SPECTRUM CORRUPTION #ArrestKatieHobbs that even one of our state central governments, Arizona, has been captured by a Mexican drug cartel.

Our world is indeed in a sad, sad state, our species may be about to be wiped out and we should get an award for each day we get out of bed, put on a smile and tend to our family and continue living life.

Let’s see if we have all the required pieces before trying to see the big picture. Then we will look at the last article we need to consider. Lets throw in Conscious Evolution which very few are talking about. There is normal species evolution that all species go through over eons. That is why most humans tell their best dirty jokes when they get drunk instead of laying in the road on drunk nights.

Then let’s factor in Free Will as well as the unseen future that we may be creating.

Perhaps we are participating in a most rare event of a species by actually choosing to evolve in the way it chooses to re-create itself. This is very different than learning one at a time that shit happens to those lost in the road. What I am talking about is all humans on the planet now and in the future evolving to understand that war is even more stupid than passing out on pavement.

We need to factor in the mass potential of humanity, how great and powerful we truly are, and that we can create ourselves better than what we currently are.

I was shown about twenty years ago that humanity would evolve and have no more wars in about twenty years. I believe that we are now consciously evolving as a species, and that cannot be stopped. I believe that many non-earthly beings have “come” to watch us as we do this, to cheer us on because as we evolve they will also evolve.

So when I see the depressing headlines all I can do is laugh, and say as my friend said, “Screw the Finance Company.”

Remember, the worst day of your life is so filled with potential.

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Mar 01, 2023

Thanks for the great insight


John Duggan
John Duggan
Mar 01, 2023

God is here now. He is everything including ourselves Look in the mirror and see part of God. Look at others -- the same. And the universe. All of it.


Mar 01, 2023

Someday all you have to do is read your rants to understand what's going on in the world. I always yell your so right!

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