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From Jeff - Phase 2 - Clarity [Must See]

Future Proves Past - Connecting the dots in past tense is easy. IMO JJ has been waiting these 17 years for the end of Phase 1 and the beginning of Phase 2 where he gets to watch the swamp critters visibly shaking and squirming in panic.

PHASE 1 - Setup and CONFUSION is now over.

The TRAP has been shut, the rats are corralled and panicking. We are just beginning to see what's behind Door #2, CLARITY. Remember the 3 "phases" Godlewski discussed last summer, 1) confusion, 2) clarity, and 3) completion? It was disinfo - a real outline with a fake schedule.

Q-Post 151: How do you capture a very DANGEROUS ANIMAL?

Q-Post 2249: How do you catch a FISH? Use BAIT?

Trump calls Pelosi an animal:

Sure looks like she took the bait:

GhostEzra (Nov 8)

The Q project has just started

(Phases 2-3 are the Big Show)

GhostEzra (Nov 11)

Things are hidden from you but they will soon come to light.

(Confusion peaking, clarity soon.)



The floodgates of truth are now opening, the rats are openly in a panic, and the sleepers will no longer be able to shield their eyes, cover their ears, and speak of conspiracy theories. Disclosure, declass, conspiracy truths, and all else shocking to normies... (warning - graphic)

Phil Godlewski 2.0

The normies are about to get hit directly in the face with a sledgehammer.

RNC finally makes a worthwhile statement on the record:

Deep State funding cut off. FTX and other funding has been removed and soon older US FRN notes may become worthless if not exchanged for new ones. How does a shady DS client explain a pallet of 100 dollar bills to satisfy banking KYC rules (Know Your Client)? WHs are turning DS KYC rules against them.

White Hat Defections. This topic is all over both the MSM and alt-news. Division has been sowed among the WHs and many are flipping blue after the lackluster Red Ripple which is not even a given yet. This is likely a grand Trump ploy to shake out the last fence sitters. Here's a few of MANY easy to find posts and articles. He is going to catch or expose every last one...

With the surge in chatter about Trump as Speaker of the House the Dems may try a late game steal of the House along with the Senate. Squirm you panicking rats, squirm.

At a minimum the White Hats need control of the House to install Trump as Speaker via standard procedures. Brandon and CamelToe are already under WH control and can easily be set up for resignation to put Trump where he belongs. The Senate is not needed for Brandon's removal. If the Dems steal the House then look for the military to step in immediately. If the Dems only steal the Senate then the military can perhaps wait a bit longer for public action. The White Hats always seem to take a path of minimal confrontation but no problem with Nov 15 either:

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