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From Jeff - 17 Years? 65 Hours? My Top Gossip Links for Today [& FTX?]. [Must See]

THE17thLETTER is a relatively new Telegram channel with an avatar pic of what looks to be John Junior as a senior. There are less than a month's worth of posts so it is easy to scan them all. No funky ads. The following post stood out that is relevant to today's date. The numbers point to Nov 12, today at 11am. The text message was likely embedded in a video to prevent bots from reading it too easily.


Dark to Light, Trust the Plan they say.

I've waited 17 Years for these last 65 hours...

For forty days the flood kept coming on the earth,

and as the waters increased they lifted the ark

high above the earth.

As waters recede, riverbeds reveal. Nov 9 at 18:18

17 years back was 2005 - what was notable then? The only 17-ish idea that comes to mind was Barron Trump's conception (perhaps by artificial insemination) in 2005 - his birth was in 2006.

65 hours ahead is 2 days and 17 hours. Adding that to the Nov 9 time stamp of 18:18 takes us to 11/12 at 11am (plus the 18 minutes). WHAT IS HAPPENING NOV 12 AT 11AM - ONE DAY AFTER ARMISTICE / VETERAN'S DAY ?

Perhaps there will be an announcement that triggers Clif's prediction of emotional turmoil beginning on Nov 13, tomorrow. Will JFKjr come out of the closet? Surprise election announcement (Trump has posted he wants a redo)? JSNIP4 briefly mentions Clif at 1:10 in 5 min video:

Other possible announcements:

On Nov 11 a White House livecam recently captured what looks like several military busses moving what could be a lot of prisoners to the White House. Tribunals, executions, or a new armistice announced (see below)? Prior clips have shown body bags wheeled out on gurneys and into waiting vehicles. Grassley did post about his family harvest being complete about the same time we saw Nancy shoved into an SUV. Trump posted that Nancy lost (her freedom?) and is going to far lands.

Narrated Livecam:

Grassley reposted:

Trump reposted:

This past week Fulford said the Roths and Rocks seek to surrender. Will we finally see Fulford hit one out of the park? New Armistice?

Perhaps it's the beginning of Operation Hot November - Cyber attacks ON GOOGLE & Meta.



@philgodlewski has red pilled more Americans then any influencer in history the deepstate attacked him if you can't see that you aren't awake yet

Not sure what to think, one of the earliest posts. Is Godlewski the chosen truther outlet? Psyop channel?


Easy on the popcorn, there's a lot more ahead after elections 2022 play out.

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