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From Jeff - Pelosi in Bracelets? Grassley Harvest Complete.

Nancy takedown? I thought she was already a goner/double but who knows. Grainy video looks like her being stuffed into a dark SUV with blacked out rear windows. Hands behind her back? Real or double?

In his latest livestream, "Cross", Godlewski said that Nancy was caught in a triple-cross plot against Trump. You can watch his Rumble video or read a recap on Telegram. The video backdrop was a wall of empty shelves. At a subsequent rally Trump said "shelves are empty" or something like that. The guy has to be connected. He says he knows the identity of SGAnon but says he is not one of the 5 in his own (PG's) truther group.



Sen Grassley says his own harvest is complete. Done? Timing is suspicious - was he part of Nancy's setup? Grassley was an opponent of Pelosi's RussiaGate and J6 Commission.

Grassley's "complete" comment is synonymous to the Russians reportin on then British PM Liz Truss' phone call to the US Sec State after the Brits completed the Nordstream event - "Done", as reported by BPEarthWatch and others. Some say Nordstream provided cover for an underwater DUMB demolition which may explain reports of a US sub in the area and the dispatch of a US P8 sub hunting aircraft to the area.

What makes a movie good? An exciting plot and great actors? Will future WW3 versions of "Red October" Clancey-styled submarine movies resemble truth or more fiction as in WW2 movies?

Patton, "We've defeated the wrong enemy".

Even Patton was wrong - the Nazis were not defeated. After calling timeout they regrouped via Operation Paperclip. The swamp is older and deeper than I imagined from the entrance to their rabbit hole.

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