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From Jeff - Are Clif's Muddy Water Bonds From The Global Accounts?

Clif said that some bad bonds may have to be redeemed to protect the reputation and faith of good bonds.  Maybe those bad bonds are associated with legacy Global/Collateral Accounts?  If the bad bonds were presented by a high profile entity the Treasury/FED might not be able to say NO without a ton of bad publicity or a World War directed at THEM specifically.  A trickle becomes a flood...  Could this be The Trump Card?

Beginning on slide 26, "The Brief" describes the 1920s consolidation of the world's assets, mostly gold, for central management in what I assume were The Global Accounts.  Of course the K-Mafia hijacked it and reneged on all those gold certificates (bonds?) given to owners in exchange for all that gold.  On page 77 it reads, "The Gold people have had no say for a long time but Banks still have old Gold certificates ticking at interest payable in Gold in their vaults as funds. And that is Leverage."  The Brief, my awakening bible...

Remember the Chiasso Affair back in 2009?  A Japanese Dragon Society was likely attempting to redeem or sell some 1934 US Treasury bonds from the Global Accounts.  There have been reports of handbooks being provided to top banking officials instructing them how to debunk legacy bonds as counterfeits because of spelling errors and other anomalies that were intentionally inserted into the documents from the beginning.  Those pesky K-Mafia banksters!

Wilcock: The Trillion-Dollar Lawsuit That Could End Financial Tyranny

Lots more articles on the Chiasso bonds topic:

Neil Keenan's double appears to still be alive and kicking - website still active!

Q-Post #2619: "Gold shall destroy FED."

This movie could be getting much more interesting...



Article from Courthouse News Service, Dec 5, 2011

Pic of "fake" gold certificate, 1930s?

Jim's Response: I don't think the fake bond is the problem.

The problem is big mean men are pounding on the door, representing powerful players and countries demanding most of their money back. And we are not powerful enough to con or ignore them anymore.


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