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Jim’s Daily Rant. Multi Level View Of WWIII. Part II.

My purpose in sharing the Multi Level View of WWII was to prepare you for the cards about to be laid down to both awaken us and alarm us as we traverse Clif High’s Hyper Novelty period.

But now let’s finish that article. If you listened to Laura Eisenhower's full interview, note how she ended it. She points out that there are people living among us now who remember why they were born now, at this time. Their life purpose was to help awaken others still not quite awake as we go through the evolution process we are in now.

Recognize what she said about our higher vibrations being our edge in this war.

Also pay attention as to many things in the universe aligning now to help us escape our strangulation, allowing us to heal our DNA and bodies so that we can evolve to where we should be. If you missed this then please go back and listen for it.

My advice is to not to get in a panic and race down many rabbit holes to discover our real history before it is given to us. There is no award for that other than to feed our ego today by being the smartest one in the room. But before going there, consider the economics of our mental energy at this time. Use it wisely as we get to the Chaos point.

What is important is to just be aware that we are missing key facts that could easily explain all the madness around us today. We don't need the exact rabbit hole to verify we are indeed in a life or death war situation. We only need to see that the possibilities are there and there is no other explanation for the madness in our species.

Let’s move on to the main point that should be the take away from the two articles listed in Part I.

We each must ensure our extended family is prepared as best we can be to survive 2024.

We each must understand some will not survive it and we have to get past the guilt of that.

We each must be prepared to leave parts of our old lives behind us forever.

We will not crawl out of the train wreck and order a pizza to be delivered for dinner.

We will endure losses financially during the chaos. The older ones of us will be well compensated by the Reset and can help our younger family members.

Everything is now moving at a fast paced short race to that Chaos Date. We need to use our energy to prepare and calm ourselves. We need to get in touch with our higher selves by getting lots of relaxed sleep, remembering our dreams and learn how to meditate. We need to remember that this is all just a game.


I will end the same way as in Part I:

Think about it for awhile. Isn’t this war worth fighting for, destroying our global economic system for, and possibly many of us dying for?

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