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Jim’s Rant For The Day. The Truth About where Things Are Today.

The best recap on the 2020 election situation results and what we can expect can be heard in Juan O Savin’s podcast yesterday. In a nutshell he says the military is in charge of the country and at the same time following its recognized leader, Donald Trump. When the time is right he will be inaugurated. All that the Biden administration is currently doing can be reversed. Fear not, all is well. It must all be played out legally.

The best recap of taking down the Banksters, Deep State and global enslavement can be heard by this podcast: Navy Seal Michael Jaco & Gene Decode Give Update On Disclosure & Child Rescue. It must be heard in its entirety.

Of great importance to some of you is the last half discussion about quantum physics. If this is new to you then you have a lot of learning to do quickly. This is the stuff that all the above is made of. It’s now up to each of us to unlearn how we created our own hell and how to proceed to create our own heaven now.

Below is a section of the Humanity Awakens article I wrote in 2012 that explains the reference in the second podcast above.

The Quantum Leap

A great deal of the visions I got early on indicated that humanity was about to evolve to a higher plane, a higher state of being. Everything indicated that to me. Part of what I saw was how humans would live immediately after the collapse. However, I knew that it was simply a stepping stone to something else over time; it was the first baby step. With that being said though, it was very much a giant baby step. For with that step, we would be creating smaller, localized communities outside of large governments. Those communities would be conformed to their inhabitants, not as identical cookies moving on conveyor belts. What was absent was the fear, leadership control and central governments. Furthermore, gone was our separation from each other, our lack of compassion, ill health and lack of hope in the future. Five years ago, I eventually wrote a book about the communities I was seeing.

Of most importance however, was again the collapse of the financial system. What I came to understand is that humanity has been held back from evolving, and now Mother Nature demands that we proceed on with it immediately. The thing that was holding us back was our socio-economic system. It seemed to hold our minds, thoughts and aspirations back, as if we were half asleep, in that twilight awakening state of knowing ourselves but unable to get our bodies in motion. For thousands of years, we have been locked there, unable to fully awaken. I saw us as a snake needing to grow, but unable to do so until it sheds it's skin, but in our case, our reality.

But now we are beginning to slowly move, rubbing our eyes, and beginning to see things in the light of day for what they really are; we are leaving the shadow world. We are about to enter a world in which we are no longer separate from each other, meaning we will no longer feel alone and fearful. We will have full healing capabilities for our bodies, free of disease. We will no longer fear for our survival, but instead use the energy that used to go into that wasteful endeavor to create our life's masterpieces.

Let me give it to you from a different perspective. Einstein indirectly created the science of Quantum Physics. Those that explored that field progressed until they hit a wall - that of religion. They discovered that we are creating the physical universe by our thoughts. Let me repeat that - we are creating it. To simplify and restate this, shit doesn't happen, we create shit! The scientists realized that we were perhaps co-creating with, or touching the hand of, God. They slowed down on publishing and waited for religion to step in and make a declaration, as this was their area, but no religion would touch it. If they did it would put organized religion out of business. How could they accept co-creation and at the same time explain God's pre-ordained plan, that we were less than God or downright evil, yet could create like God? Then the big one, if God created the universe, what were we doing?

When no declaration was forthcoming after twenty years, the scientists said the heck with them, or something to that effect, and began publishing like crazy. Their publications got more and more down to the layman's level until the explosive video of What the Bleep Do We Know. When that didn't seem to do it, it was simplified down even more to Rhonda Byrne's book and video, The Secret. It can't get any simpler than that. For the science of this, I recommend David Wilcock's free video or his books.

[Note To The Reader: If you want a simple, yet profound, step by step explanation, I highly recommend Neale Donald Walsch's, The Complete Conversations with God. Trust me, this book is not about religion! Not only is he the most logical writer I have ever read, but he will calm every fear that you might have about what is occurring.]

So, what the hell does all of this have to do with a potential financial collapse and reset, you are probably asking? Simply put, the physicists are telling us that our thoughts are creating all that is physical. Since there can never be a shortage of thoughts, there can never be a shortage of physical things. This is in direct contrast to our current socio-economic system that tells us that there will always be a shortage of the things we need, and we must fight like hell to get our share. What is happening here is that we are waking up to a new reality -- that we no longer need to fight for it, we can just think it. This is a massive shift in reality, so massive that with it goes the destruction of the old reality and all the systems that support that fleeting reality, including our financial system. How long will it take for this to occur, you might ask, as changing realities must be a big deal as it rarely happens. Do you remember being afraid of the Boogie Man as a child, as we all were? Then suddenly you weren't. What changed It? Well, actually, it was just one thought that changed it. In that single instant that you realized (thought) that it wasn't real, your reality changed! That was just you, you might say, but now we are talking about a whole society here. Have you ever heard of the Hundredth Monkey Effect, or know that it only takes the progressive thinking of approximately 10 - 12% of the population to change the majority of the population to their way of thinking; that is how history tells us culture changes.

If you follow this line of reasoning, then in an instant, our reality may change, leaving our financial system to crash from lack of need for it.


P. S. If you are in a hurry I suggest you watch the movie What Dreams May Come (1998) staring Robin Williams. See: Movie Trailer. You will need to understand the quantum physics side to create quickly what you want in your future.

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