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Jim’s Rant For The Day. The Human Part Of Prepping.

On his podcast yesterday Mike Adams said “A tsumi is coming and only those on high ground will make it.” His meaning was the prepared will be in the best position. (link) “Best position” for what? I am certain he meant survival but what I am looking at is the prepared will be in the best position to help others struggling to crawl out of the train wreck they were just in. That is what I am about to discuss here, how to prepare now to assist the less fortunate survivors as we get to the backside of the chaos.

I see the prepared as the prepared waiting for the wreck to occur over the next two months. After that we will be in the eye of the storm but can then venture out and assist in the recovery effort as the chaos continues to play out after the worst is over. We can then know what to expect.

I am not suggesting you venture out in military trousers with the large pockets filled with cigarette lighters, bottles of anti-depressants and rolls of gauze bandages. I am suggesting you take this lull time to prepare for the human side of prepping so that you can cause your local neighborhood to organize itself to help mitigate the suffering.

I suggest we all prepare to:

a) Establish Revolving Leadership Methods so as one leader peters out a replacement can take the reins without a lot of conflict and loss in the process.

b) Spot Personalities based on body shapes & traits so we know who to accept as leaders and who not to follow, who to ask to prepare a plan and who is not prepared to plan, who is a follower & worker and who was born to lead and organize. I suggest this skill as we will not have time to sniff butts like dogs to see who is who;

c) Learn about Group Meditation and how to use this powerful tool to calm and heal those around you as well as see what I coming around the corner for better planning;

d) Open up the intuitive/physic part of your life and creating your own future.


A) Revolving Leadership:

Our 50 person fall-back group uses a method that recognizes people have a difficult time planning and thinking during periods of high stress. We also recognize meetings are much more productive when that are with a maximum of about six persons. This way everyone can speak their ideas and consensus is easier to achieve.

Therefore, we divided our focus on six main areas:

Health Moral Nutrition

Planning Physical Security

Each focus group places a leader on the six person council.

The first focus group meeting of each month a call for election can be made by anyone. This keeps the Focus Group running itself. If they want term limits or a revolving leadership they are free to choose. We have an overall Camp Director, like a maintenance man, calling in the Focus Groups when needed. He is overseen by the council.

In the case of a security crisis, the Security leader takes overall command until the council declares an “All Clear”. Then it’s back to laundry, meals and water production. A member can work on as many Focus groups as he wishes.

After the train wreck modify the above to fit your community needs but try to limit your council to six persons.

See: Our Organizational Chart See Also: 52 - Leadership Lessons Learned From Ship Wrecked Groups; Link (Page 55)

B) Spotting Personalities.

Around 1980 the medical profession realized they were going to be processing patients faster than the then half hour, which is now around 13 minutes. They were fearful that without the time and familiarity with the patient, they would not know if they were dealing with a non-complainer or a hypochondriac, a diligent or spasmodic medicine taker, etc. So they commissioned a study that produced five body types which gave them a clue of the patient’s personality attributes.

I took their 5 body types and reduced it to 4 body types that overlays the 4 personalities as defined by the Personality Plus method, which I used heavily in business. With it you can spot two strangers getting out of a car and know which one gets on top and which one has to sleep in the wet spot; how long it takes each to make a decision and which will make the best decision. In fact, you will know which one is the decision maker. You will know which one is the introvert and which is the extrovert.

These are powerful tools of knowledge in dealing with strangers. You will know who to follow and who to lead naturally and when to lead each person and when to follow them. You will know who the planner is and is not. These will be a greatly required skill to develop for organizing an Ad Hoc group in a panic situation.

Below is a video of the free seminars I put on for business to bring their employees into a more cooperative atmosphere. Our biggest relationship problems is to think everybody thinks like us when they are different and we can’t appreciate that. We misuse their potential.

Spotting Personalities: Link (One hour seminar)

C) Group Meditation:

In the 1980’s prison riots were common in Senegal, South Africa, one of the poorest countries in Africa. Three years after a new warden was assigned to one such prison there the rioting stopped. All prisons annually post their recidivism rates, the percentage of released prisoners returning to prison. Globally that rate is around 60 - 70%. That particular prison rate dropped from 70% to 10% in three years.

Scientists descended on the prison searching for the explanation. The first year of investigation tagged it to the new warden requiring all inmates to learn to meditate. After an introduction class, the inmates were free to continue meditation or not. Some chose the continue, some abandoned the practice.

The second year the scientists returned with brain scan machines. Most global inmates have dead spots/holes in their frontal lobes, the part of the brain dealing with impulse decisions. What they discovered was that few inmates there had them. The scientists were shocked because they didn’t know the brain could regenerate parts of itself, if that is what happened. But this story goes deeper.

The medical profession has known that the best healing state was no longer the Beta dream state but rather the meditative state. In that state the body sends free oxygen to the organs it feels needs it the most for rejuvenation. I suppose that is why severe patients are put in a coma nowadays. Therefore, the medical profession knows you can help your body heal by meditating.

The third year the scientists studied new inmates by scanning their brains. Sure enough, they fit the normal pattern with a great percent having dead frontal lobe spots. The fourth year they returned and found very few of them now had the dead spots. Sure enough, their brains were rejuvenated!

Now for the strange fact. Both the mediators and non-mediators were rejuvenated. The scientists concluded that group meditation was so strong that it not only healed the practitioner but persons geographically near them.

Dr. John Hagelin now entered and performed Group Meditation experiments. He is a quantum physicist who then switched paths and specialized in group meditation.

Now see: 4 Minute Video by Dr. Hagelin

Simple Meditation Practices: Dr. Hagelin used transcendental meditation only in the experiments performed. This was because that form is precisely defined and can be used exactly the same way by everybody. There are many forms of meditation, some simple and some not so. One method was selected so that any variance in results could not be attributed to the various meditation methods used – there was only one.

Meditation can be as simple as drinking half a bottle of beer then laying back on a beach towel, closed eyes, forgetting about the dirty laundry backed up and focusing only on the sounds of the birds and moving water for 15 minutes. So no, you don’t have to take a class.

D) Open Up Your Intuitive Side and Creating With Your Mind:

Albert Einstein inadvertently created the science of Quantum Physics, the study of the make-up of atoms. As they studied smaller and smaller atom attributes, one study showed them a whole new world before us. That theory is called Schrödinger's cat. That theoy lead to other experiments that indicate when studying the extreme small, such as which way a sub-atomic particle spins (left or right), it is observed spinning in the direction the observer thought it would be before he looked. This indicates that the physical is what the observer himself created. Complex, isn’t it?

This is taking us to the Robin Williams’ movie What Dreams May Come. The scientists realized the science was practically touching the hand of god, as we may be co-creating, and waited 30 years for the religions to address the issue. The religions failed to speak perhaps because it might interfere with their religious organizations and beliefs. So around 1960 the scientists began publishing their findings. This ultimately resulted in The Secret (book or free full video) and the video of What The Bleep Do We know? (Trailer or free full video). These both show how to harness your thoughts to create your life.

See: Jim’s Rant For The Day. How To Find The Woo People To Teach Us.

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