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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Going To Be An Explosive Day Today.

Although I failed to post my predictions on the last SCOTUS ruling, I was certain it would not be the pronouncement that the Biden Administration was illegitimate as some others were predicting. I have been getting the feeling fr a long time that the Biden facade will be dismantled between two and four weeks prior to the November election. I still believe that.

So if today’s SCOTUS announcement is not the downfall of Biden what will it be? My wife asked me that very question last night. In a nutshell it will be explosive, an announcement that will shut the communists down.

Over the past five working days three major rulings will have been announced. I see the pattern that it is putting the Supreme Court definitely in the corner of the Constitution, sending a death message to the Deep State. In my opinion, all three rulings will negate the major principles of communism, accordingly I expect today’s ruling to be the most powerful of the three.

But what will it be? I don’t know. I suspected it may end a run for dictatorship by requiring voter ID in all Federal elections, such as president, congressmen, etc. States would still be free to play the bending the rules of logic game to cheat, but at least the Feds would lead the way to the Constitution.

But it could also be dealing with the county's financial irresponsibility, knocking out the banks. Who know? But then I read the article below this morning. By golly, this may be it! We will know today.

"By deciding in favor of West Virginia, the court could begin to rein in the vast powers of the alphabet agencies in D.C. that run our lives and return it to legislators whom we elect to create…legislation."

See: Liz Peek: This Coming Supreme Court Ruling Could Be Bigger Than Overturning Roe. [Note: Be sure to read to the end as there are add headlines peppered throughout.]

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