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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Bill Still On the Time Magazine Article.

Yesterday Bill Still did a great job covering the Time Magazine article telling all about who and how our 2020 election was stolen. He points out that at the end of the article the author states that the election was the biggest heist in the history of man but had to be done in order to stop Trump. Therefore this hints that it was morally right to have done it.

In my recent rant, Simon Parkes and Short Wars, I shared my wrestling with the expression “Does the end justify the means to achieve it?” The normalizing and justifying the election fraud is exactly why one should never try to justify the means to achieve the end desired. Once you go there you can never go back across that line again.

We can never have fair elections in America again. We may think we can prevent what was just done but we have normalized the evil here and may have to fear it forever. Perhaps next week Time Magazine will justify Jeffery Epstein to us.

Does the name “Pandora” ring a bell?

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