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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Simon Parkes and Short Wars.

The entire country was certain our Civil War would be over within a month. Prior to WWI the German army was certain they could rush through Belgium unopposed and encircle France before both countries could react. Once penned in it was so certain that France would surrender within a month that the German army made no plans for a long war. Now here we are hoping to liberate all of humanity on the planet in just a few weeks. Are we really that stupid?

So what’s the delay? Today Simon Parkes shared his belief that Trump and the Military are still trying to liberate us within the law, legally. They fear history coloring them as leading a coup against a lawfully sitting President. They still have hopes that a lower court will rule that there was massive election fraud and the country needs saving. Parkes points out that on Friday a court ruled that the Dominion machine was designed to steal elections. That is a good start and in a few days two more lower courts will hear vote fraud issues that hopefully will give the OK for the Military to take down the Deep State.

But I personally feel the delay goes deeper than how history will speak of them personally. I am reminded of my time in a catholic school wrestling with the question of “Does the end ever justify the means to achieve it?” To start with, if you say you are returning to the Rule Of Law you must begin that journey by taking each step lawfully, not by illegally using force. To use force will be to create the recipe for others to come back and destroy your Rule Of Law creation; thus you would be leading the way to destroy what you just created. Crazy isn’t it?

But let’s go even deeper. Suppose we free our entire species. Wouldn’t we want to write the recipe for our success for others to successfully follow in the future if needed again? What if we expand out into the universe? Wouldn’t we want to share humanity’s crowning moment as a pure, legal work of art? Let me restate this. If Jesus had torched all those set on crucifying him would he have met the biblical mandate for Atonement?

So I return to our current war to rescue all of humanity on the planet. I can wait.

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