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Jim’s Daily Rant. Regulators Told To Expect Clearing House Failures. What Is That?

The full Reuters article can be read here: Link

Of interest to me is this passage:

It sets out seven resources and tools that regulators are required to pick from, such as "bail-in" bonds issued by clearers that can be written down to plug losses, resolution funds, cash calls during resolution, and equity in a first-loss position in resolution.
Regulators will have to state publicly which tools they have selected. Laws could need changing or introducing in some countries to give regulators access to such tools.

The [International] Financial Stability Board (FSB), has already laid out plans for a failing stock, bond and derivative clearing house to already have options on who they plan to steal from if they start to collapse. All they are recommended to do now is to publicly declare who they will tag as they fall.

To me that sounds like the FSB needs to know today that the major international Clearing Houses have a chambered round in their weapon. I don’t believe they are really suggesting hiring a lawyer to do research and change local laws.

Your thoughts and interpretations?


This is a 12 year old 12 minute YouTube on International Clearinghouses: Link

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