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Jim’s Daily Rant. Which Door Did Martin Luther Nail His Reformation Demands On In 1517?

Karen Kingston and cohorts are putting the pressure on the leaders of the Plandemics to have their government immunity of damages revoked. Just this morning this excellent article was out:

They are pushing the illegal De Facto Corporate government to reverse their Get-Out-Of Jail cards in existence now.

This is a wonderful approach, hope it works, but don’t believe it will. I feel it is a demonstration for the people to see and learn from. It will put pressure of the current regime and all those in the Plandemic pushing. But that is as far as that package will go that she delivered to them. It will just sit.

Don’t let me ruin your day however. The kind, gentle Kingston has fallen in with thieves, or so it appears to me. I see a slimy snake grin on her face. Bear with me and follow these thoughts, please.


A day or two ago, Clif High said he sees the counties in chaos from being served legal notices.

See towards the end of either: Link1 or Link2

In yesterdays Friday Ben Fulfrod Podcast a discussion was made regarding the new “American Assembly of States that is now standing in all 50 states” and can now pass laws. What legislation should they pass first? “They can only pass one law a week.”

See: Last 3 Minutes at Link


The Admiral is transferring his flag from the Defacto Government to the Restored Republic (De Jure government), or has that already been done?

How might that occur? Do you just untie from the sinking ship and row to the new flagship? Or do you keep the sinking ship, make its crew walk the plank, re-crew the ship and make emergency repairs?

Which would be simpler?


If the National Assembly Of States is up and running, and is the skeleton crew of a new Congress for whichever ship the Republic is claiming, then is that the real power Kingston is aiming for?

In 1517 Martin Luther nailed his notice to the front door. Is Kingston nailing hers to both the front door and rear door, as a squeeze play of sorts? Whichever sticks first ends the Plandemic. Not a bad plan for an additional photocopy cost of just $50, eh?


BONUS QUESTION: What happened to all the guarantees issued bt the Confederate States of America after it went out of business?



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