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Jim’s Daily Rant. What Clif and SGAnon said this week.

Yesterday and today has been a busy time for my brain after Clif’s three posts yesterday and SGAnon’s podcast posted today.

Let’s begin with Clif’s take on the SCOTUS decision on the Brunson case. He said the Court made the only decision they could have made under the circumstances. If the Court ruled in favor of Brunson the country would have been divided as to who supported the Military and who supported the SCOTUS, two parts of the government charged with keeping us in line with the Constitution. The SCOTUS is also afraid of splitting the military more than it already is. Our country needs to be unified in taking down the CABAL.

Clif went on saying that the sheeple were not ready at this time to have to accept that kind of decision. I never saw it from this vantage point before but am now convinced Clif is correct. SGAnon recorded his podcast prior to the SCOTUS announcement on their decision.

Clif then tells us that over the next two weeks, 3 – 4 percent of the Sheeple will awaken due to the Ukraine war, infrastructure attacks on the U. S., and especially the release of videos of the Jan 6th DC Event, and on top of that, more outpouring of facts on the damage and deaths from the VAXs.

All of this will overwhelm the Main Street News as their lies become apparent, causing even more Sheeple to awaken. Clif sees this as the turning of the tide against the CABAL. This brings the global war out into the open to be seen and addressed.

Clif then Points out that on the backside of the collapse mistakes of our past will be righted and we may lose a few members of our United States. These were sovereigns that did not actually willingly join the union. He never names names but I am sure that he is referring to Hawaii, Guam and Puerto Rico.

He prepares us to have to possibly move into Canada to rescue them from the CABAL.

SGAnon tells us the war is well under way and is being won by the White Hats Alliance but the CABAL will remain very nasty as they lose and retreat. He points out, as did Clif, that the infrastructure attacks are being done by the CABAL, as well as the earthquake attack on Turkey because Turkey is leaving NATO. They both warn us of scary times ahead the next 2 -3 months.

He continues to say that "We have to progress slowly in order to find out who our friends are."

In today’s SGAnon podcast I thought he lost his mind in the second half and failed to do him justice by not recapping it. I didn’t know where we was heading. Be sure to listen to it for yourself. It’s that important.

All boiled down, he said Russia was our friend during our Civil war and explains the details. This was while both France and England, then controlled by the CABAL, desperately tried to negotiate peace by allowing the South sovereignty. He points out those two countries have not been our friends as we were taught in school. This hit me hard and I failed to recap it.

An hour later I had to go back and add it in and highlight it in red. I then thought about it and realized that right now England and France are leading the charge into Ukraine. Of course so is the Biden Administration supporting Ukraine as well.


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