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New SGAnon File 41: [Recapped]

3 MM Lists subjects to be discussed.

4 MM Ukraine War - One long term plan is Belarus will be reunited with its homeland Russia.

Ukraine forces are concentrating on Belarus border.

7 MM Turkey is now leaving NATO.

This may create a new Ottoman Republic.

9 MM Putin’s Address to Russia on 21st: “We are really just getting started.” “The military industrial complex is being taken down.”

The dethroning of this this is what Russia has waited for a thousand years now.”

13 MM China president will be visiting Russia to join in support with them.

14 MM Tanks being sent to Ukraine. This is a draining of NATO’s arsinal

Black ops armies all over the world will continue to fight the CABAL.

17 MM False flag events are events that occur but for reasons not given.

White Hats are destroying bio labs, rescue captives, research labs, destroying tunnels. This is not fantasy , what they are working on.

19 MM Phillipino area now under attack by the CABAL.

20 MM Nuclear attack being discussed around Europe.

NATO talks Nuclear War in Ukraine to blame it on Russia. Poland is being brought in for this.

23 MM “Expect nuclear false flag narrative over the next few months.”

25 MM Comms, Q drops from Trump:

30 MM Lincoln used National Guard to restore the Union.

36 MM Dan Scavino link “Might makes Right”

We will see changes in U S Borders, wrongs righted in regards to areas forced to become part of the U. S.

38 MM Discusses the U. S. / Russia relationship during the U. S. Civil War.

[Most interesting]

50 MM It is the people of Russia that is our real ally. It is Russia that once before tried to take down the CABAL.

England and France are controlled by the CABAL, but Russia has always been our friend.


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