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Jim’s Daily Rant. Today’s Miki Klann In A Nutshell.

1) When Trump took his world tour as our new president, it was for a purpose.

He served papers on all Countries and the Vatican that controlled the American Republic. We were immediately free of their control. That is why videos showed the Queen of England and the Pope walking behind Trump.

2) The new De Jure Assemblies followed his lead and are now serving papers in the U.S., with the backing of the Military.

3) The assemblies have more work to do in all states to train members to step up and issue orders the Military and the Republic.

4) She feels it will take a year for all of us to learn Common Law.

5) Forget about proving the stolen election. It doesn’t matter anymore.The people now have the power to drive out the fraud government, without bloodshed.

6) When Trumps 27 election fraud cases were all thrown out of courts it was because his attorneys inserted wording in the complaints the forced the courts to first prove they had jurisdiction over Trump and they had their bonds in place.

Because they could not due either, Trump had No Legal Standing in their phony courts. He was not beneath them as Trump was Sovereign and represents a sovereign Republic.

This is the real thing Folks.

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