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Jim’s Daily Rant. The Restored Republic Seen From My Mind Controlled Spacecraft Time Machine.

As one speeds up time, I feel like this will be my last Rant, inserted now.


Problem Restatement:

I joined the problem around '07 or '08 I believe, joining a group attempting to Restore the Florida Republic. Now mind you, I am a systems and procedure kinda guy. Early on we made mistakes. There were groups all across America, some even competing in approach methods. It felt like we were all wearing sun shades in a dark basement seeking a black cat. We would hear a door open and close and that someone might have found it, but never sure.

There was no communication within groups or between groups. We were all learning. Our biggest failing is there were no proper bios on members as to their thoughts, skills, personalities and goals. Every two months we met in Central Florida with 60 strangers all emotional and preaching to each other their knowledge level of the problem. We elected officers and off we went. Those officers never did anything, they were just in reserve if needed. We had three emotional meetings like this.

Then we broke up. A volunteer group can only survive about 6 months without structure, planning, vision and above all else, funding. I sunk about $3,000 into it. During that time I only met one person I could take on the work of systems design with. He was a brilliant Electronic Engineer who systematized a major law firm in Florida.

We set out alone to do legal research on how to reconstitute a Republic. By the way, there is no knowledge on the subject. Then we designed the architecture to connect all 60 county De Jure Grand Juries together for communications. Then we designed software (architecture only) they could freely use for trial processing. We did this together after the break up because we knew other groups would freely need this to achieve success. Nothing ever happened.

In my opinion, we weren't structured properly. Nothing can get done in a meeting of 60 excited people. There were no real chat room software at the time, Zoom was just beginning. The technology and structure just wasn’t ready. We learned, pushed the big wheel around once and ended hoping others would go further that we could join later.


The Problem In A Nutshell is Florida has 60 counties and I was trying to raise Grand Juries in the North 30 of them. The entire country has 6,000 counties. The Counties have to come up first to restore the State Republics to restore the National Republic. There is no blueprint to do this.

If we restored the county Assembly and issued an order for the Sheriff to swear an oath to the true Florida Republic, the one before 1871, what would happen if he refused? Then we would have to have two truckloads of Bubbas with guns arrest him and then discuss the situation with the Sheriff’s second in command. But around 2005 the Feds were giving tanks to the local Swat Teams. So we might be stumped if the Military refused help.

Where We Are Today.  All the above was 18 years ago.

This week we discover Miki Klann of The Peoples Operation Restoration group.

See: Dave XRPLion Mew Warrior Miki Klann Unmasks Illegal Board of Supervisors - Must See Trump News Channel Saves 50M+ Children From Masks. It is an amazing podcast except Dave appears to underestimate her important message and could not keep his mouth shut about boxing. FYI, I am told that podcast is blocked in California.

It appears they have all the blueprints in hand as well as the support of the military so all can go calmly.

How did this happen? I feel the military did what it does, eats beans, crawls on its belly and plays war games. Their war-gaming surly discovered what we discovered. Only structure and a cookbook can cook this goose to be ready on the right holiday in 6,000 counties.

I believe they inserted unrecognized guides with the right blueprints into certain local groups. They Beta Tested to success and now they are ready to crank it up and go viral.

I feel it will take two months for local groups of 5 or 6 to download, pick the right target in county power, serve it and force publication to inspire the world of the restored rule of a Republic (rule of law).

I feel that by June 1 there will be chaos in governments as to paychecks and what to do on the jobs. The Poseidon ship will be righting it’s keel.

Therefore, the future will say this is how we did it. The Military Intelligence helped us incognito so it was never a military coup but a lucky grass roots black cat catcher free-for-all.

How It Ends.

Is the last battle of every war really needed? Is it just to capture the surviving other side's combatants just to hack them to death? Is this done while sleepwalking out of a horrible dream? Are we acting awake but in shell shock as we continue the butcher? Are our actions real or imaginary? Is our mind shut down and running on adrenaline only?

What if the illusion of time is having a second broken into a million sections, we vibrate into being and not being, coming back with just the slightest shift in movement. This might be why we move and yet we are never in two places at the same time. And each millisecond we have the ability to change who we are.

What if we slowed down each millisecond and observed ourselves evolving in that dream state on that last killing field? Might we see some of us waking up, evolving while others unevolved continue to slaughter?

Is it possible that by slowing down the time vibrations we might see instead that what we thought was two combatants, we see only one hacking himself apart by failing to evolve? We might even be able to spot them from a distance because of the blueness of their faces, from drinking too much of the Kool-Aid and locked in their old mindset . . .

And those that have evolved walking off the field, abandoning them because they cannot be helped to awake in time. . . .

The evolved would just walk and breath in, breath out, . . . . Just breath and remember Home . . . Family . . . , and love. And as we step off we forgive ourselves, each one of us for playing this horrible war game.

This is how we evolve and obey free will at the same time. This pains me greatly now to abandon loved friends on that field, . . . but this is how it must be done. The abandoned will awaken from their own dreams when it is time for them to. This is how it must be done.

We cherish the thought of the moment we reunite with ourselves, all of us, evolved and at peace and love. Hopefully in just milliseconds later in time.

So How Did We Do It? We simply woke up and stopped playing war. We did it with our minds and god’s creativity. We did it together.

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