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Jim’s Daily Rant. The Paranoia and Delusions Of Being Psychic.

I once read about a bar bet between two Navy cooks over who could crack an entire large crate of eggs the fastest. The first to go grabbed two eggs in each hand, cracked them and threw away the shells to begin again, over and over. He had an impressive accomplishment time.

The second seasoned cook bent over, grabbed the crate, dumped all of its contents into the large metal pot and discarded the empty crate. He then inserted an electric stirrer for about 15 seconds then poured the liquid eggs into another pot leaving only the shells in the original pot. He collected the money with just one hand.

I remember this article so well because it taught me early on that when we think we know it all there is still a whole world of unknown knowledge still available to us.

This Rant is about my coming out of my protective shelter about being a paranoid delusional psychic.

I very seldom discuss my venture into that unknown world because you know that you are now different and something most people are uncomfortable with or fearful of. For me it is the desire to never make another uncomfortable. So you hide this part of your life keeping it personal.

Twelve years ago I shared with readers my dream insights into our current Collapse and Reset in my article Humanity Awakens. But in it I only stated I was an insecure psychic. I hate that term, psychic, because of all it conjures up from TV. I prefer “Intuitive”.

I am posting this Rant because most of you will want to awaken yourselves as well. It is now time for all to wake up and become the whole you.

Below is a link to an article I posted helping you to begin. It’s quite simple to accomplish. You simply begin to get quiet and let your mind become blank. In short order, your unseen coach will begin to help you go deeper. In time you will attract and contact other psychics who will freely coach you deeper.

See: Using Psychic Skills: The Secret (Free Video); also Free on Prime Book $ 1 - $11      Video $1 - $6


Yesterday I had lunch with a longtime friend. He asked about being an Intuitive. As usual I gave just enough to answer his question but later decided I needed to give him more. Below is the email I sent him this morning.


Good Morning Jack:

Just wanted to clarify things as I seldom discuss my delusional life with others:

1) One must not have to be close to god to receive premonitions.A psychic is not special or advanced; they are just people who have learned to get quiet in their minds and listen.

2) All humans have this ability. Most don't use this skill because of being too busy in life to get quiet,feel it is evil, deny their feelings, or told it is not possible.

3) Because all humans do it, perhaps unconsciously, that is how Cliff High is able to data mine their unconscious use of language and make predictions of future trends.  He is searching for emotional language peaks and releases.I just don't understanding how he arrives at his predictive timelines.

4. My Contract with the Universe:

 For information received, I will never personally profit from it.I personally feel, in my case, it is intended for humanity.

 If asked a question about it, I must give the best answer I can give them as an individual.

 But with the understanding that not all people are ready to get the complete answers.  They will just hear the words but will not understand. That might only frighten or confuse them.

5. A premonition is seeing what is most probable only.

    Because of free will, a person has until the very last second to change what they themselves are creating. Therefore, not all premonitions are fulfilled, but the vast majority are.

6. For me it is most difficult to predict the time of a probable occurrence.

7. Intuitives (psychics) do not know and see everything. They are only aware of what is given to them. However, they are more sensitive to people (strangers) and receive information from their unconscious selves. For me, it is like they are screaming at you to deliver a message to their conscious self.

 8) I can ask a question from my "unseen guide" but seldom do ask as I feel it is rude. They seem to always deliver the messages I seem to need a few days prior to my needing it.

  I can ask for validation of my translation if I am not certain of it.

  The more I meditate or get quiet, the more information flows through.

  I will admit though that it is occasionally wonderful to be surprised in life without a heads-up.

My Personal Awaking. 

For about two years I would attend meetings, sometimes with strangers present, and would know beforehand everyone's positions, wants, needs. I just thought I was lucky or good at reading people. I never discussed that with anyone.

I had a sudden near death experience and survived it because of the heads-up I got at the right moment. I told my wife that day what I had been experiencing and that I needed to deal with what was happening to me.

A few months later I broke an ankle and under doctor's advice, declined surgery and stayed home for three months to heal naturally. I never went back to work. That was 25 years ago.

I spent hours a day in a hot tub boiling my butt. I lost track of time. That was my introduction to meditation but I didn't know it at the time.

I began receiving more messages from dreams and began learning how to remember and translate them. I later joined a free weekly meditation group. Its leader freely coached me to go all the way in. This took a couple of years.

Early on before we barely knew each other, the leader did her only 30 minute reading on me, shocking my mind that she knew so much about my personal life, upbringing as well as where I was heading.

I think it was about 20 years ago that I had the dreams of sitting in an Economics class and shown all that is occurring in our world Collapse and Reset ongoing today. This occurred every other night for about 4 to 6 months.

Looking back on my entire life, all of my experiences and passions were leading me to where I am today. I was born to be here now and do this.

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John Duggan
John Duggan
Feb 22

Natural medicine is a good way to hook up to cosmic consciousness. You are a transceiver. You receive and send signals. Cures just pop up. Intuitive beings appear and advise and you help each other. I met one of my future teachers in a daytime vision in the parking lot of a cafeteria. He invited me to join him. It's sort of like the movie "Ghost Town".

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