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Jim’s Daily Rant. The Insanity Of God and The Collapse Of All Global Central Banks.

I live near Pensacola, Florida. This area is noted for its Naval Live Oaks. These trees are unusual as their limbs are gnarly, twist and turn and turn again every angle possible. During the heyday of wooden warships they were necessary for the ships ribs to be somewhat impervious to cannon ball fire. The grain in the wood naturally twisted to make them act as shock absorbents of a direct hit, unlike a side hit on a regular board going against a straight grain.

I grew up staring at Naval live oaks. I always said that when god created them he was either a genius or insane.

There are times when I believe I opened up as an intuitive, psychic like, in that I can sometimes see things before they happen. I see them in dreams. It is something that just happens; I don’t look for it. Over the past 25 years however I cheated. A half dozen times I asked specific questions before going to bed and would awaken with the answer. Last night I cheated – I was too curious. I retired at 9 PM and woke at Midnight with the answer. The question was “What will trigger the financial collapse in late September?” The answer I got can only be described as the insanity of god!

If we rephrase my question to “What can make all the global Central Banks collapse all at once, overnight?” One such thing is Force Majuere being invoked contractually voiding some contracts. Force Majuere means a major force, such as an act of god, interfering with contracts and preventing them from being completed. One view is I rent a house but before I can move in lightening strikes it and burns it to the ground. That would be force Majuere, a major act of god, unforeseeable by myself and the landlord.

A war can be Force Majuere but normally it is only local to a particular war. But comes now Ukraine and Russia playing proxy war in tiny Ukraine. How can it bring down all global Western controlled Central Banks?

Well, its that crazy god again that created crazy people. Crazy greedy bankers have been placing hundreds of Trillions of Dollars as bets, and I do mean bets, on everything under the sun to get rich. These bets are being held from all over the globe. So perhaps now if that little lightening strike hits tiny Ukraine and it is labeled a war by the headlines, it may be the spark that topples the derivative house of cards; thus Force Majuere just jumped the local part of Force Majuere.

Of course, I am talking with tongue in cheek here because to a great extent derivatives is more of a con then contract protection. This is because the banks issued them knowing full well that they cannot ever pay off the majority of them; therefore they are cons. So in order to end the con gracefully when they normally would start a global World War, they lightening strike Ukraine and con the world with “Act of God”, thus destroying all derivatives, even the ones that have nothing to do with Ukraine, because they too will now be seen as cons that cannot be undone legally.

The headline is all that would be needed to end a con as they all end within a day or so as the light of day proves them to be cons. So the headline will say ”Act of God” ruined the banks, everybody loses their money, we all accept it, then a year later it will be realized that the Act of God was not reason for Force Majuere to be invoked. But by then everything will have been burned down.

So in the end, the Con Men are trying to Con god and blame it all on him!

I now believe the con will end by conning god himself.

It begins with: “We thought everything had been written about force majeure, but the war in Ukraine requires the invocation of force majeure in a different context.”

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