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Jim’s Daily Rant. SOH Mike Johnson And Jochquine, Part II.

Updated: Apr 21

After a phone call and an Email questioning my mentality, I now see that I was too cryptic in my first Rant this morning. So allow me to try again in English this time to show you the tiny thoughts in my pea brain.

I just posted this story: House Passes $95 Billion Aid Package For Ukraine, Israel And Taiwan - But Not US Border.  Once again it details how Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, sold us out and pushed another bill through for the Democrats, although Johnson is a Republican.

This story is is similar to the one referenced in this morning’s Rant in which Johnson sold us out at 3:00 AM giving the Democrats the bill cutting us all off the internet in our conversations about the corporate Biden Government. This proves that Mike Johnson is a traitor!

Doesn’t this look a little strange? In fact look at the last 60 days of news headlines and tell me of just one story that makes the Democrats look warm and fuzzy. I haven’t seen the first one. All I see is where Trump is causing the MSN Media to focus on him accusing the Democrats of being lying cheating scoundrels destroying our legal system for their personal gain. The two news stories mentioned here are indicative of the Democratic good news stories. They are cutting the MAGA group off from the Internet and now sending all our money to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan but not our border. Again, doesn’t that look kinda strange?

What if Trump tells us the truth when he says we are seeing a theater, and he is probably controlling most of those actors. What if Johnson is doing trump’s bid by passing Democratic (made up) bills that only embarrass Democrats in front of their loyal followers who are beginning to question the Democratic leadership. What about the change in laws allowing sex between adults and kids. How can true honest Democrats cheer for these bills (headlines)?

Then let’s consider that the Biden Administration is operating under a corporation that has usurped our Republic since 1871, and now it is bankrupt and about to park next the Titanic. Does it really matter that as it sinks the last amendment to their IRS code is anyone who screams on a boat will be fined $10,000 per scream? Hell no, it’s sinking to the ocean floor to be forgotten.


So what I am saying is it is all theater and Trump is passing laws for the Democrats to make them embarrassed and destroying their party as “they” push their party forward! Trump is a lamb wearing wolf’s clothing and acting on behalf of the wolf Democrats, and the Democrats cannot defend themselves from his attacks.


Let’s try it this way. Let’s pretend we are watching a boxing match. Our favorite has pinned his exhausted apponent in the corner and has just been pummeling him with continuous lefts and rights for the past two minutes. Our boxer does not seem tired as the opponent can only keep his head protected and cannot return any blows. It is apparent to the stadium that the apponent will collapse face down any second now, unconscious.

That is where I see Trump now. . . any second . . . He controls the game.

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