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Jim’s Daily Rant. SOH Mike Johnson And Jochquine Of Old California, Ride Together.

The outlaw Jochquine Murrita became famous during the gold rush days in California. History first tells us his family land and cattle holdings were stolen by the Anglo-Americans who later killed his wife. In revenge, he took license to steal back from them.

History later takes a few turns as to his exploits. Some say the story of Zorro was modeled after him. My favorite version appears to be the truer one. In 1853 the newly formed California Rangers were ordered to “get him”. For about six months they ran themselves into near exhaustion chasing him.

He wasn’t hard to follow. He wore most distinctive clothing, black pants and a red waistcoat. He really stood out. By then the entire state was familiar with the local hero and his garb and eagerly listened for news of his exploits, much like an old Saturday afternoon radio Western of the Lone Ranger.

The Rangers would learn that Jochquine and his gang robbed a bank 20 miles West of them. The Rangers would ride all night just to learn Jochquine was just spotted 30 miles East of them and must have ridden all night to get to the other side of the Rangers, passing them in the dark. This went on half a year, wearing out both their Ranger’s horses and men before they figured it out.

Jochquine actually had two gangs with the second being led by his lookalike brother dressed just like him. They tag-teamed the Rangers into near exhaustion, but in the end the Rangers got them.

We are hearing stories that Speaker Of The House Mike Johnson got us good when the House secretly passed a bill destroying the U. S. at 3:00 AM. This story should really rile up the masses to start a Civil War, right? But what galls me the most is a week ago I saw a headline that Trump and Mike Johnson were now “One and the Same man.”, working in harmony! How could this be?______________________________________________

Of course I already knew the right question when I first saw that headline. I had to hold it a few days for the story to get the reaction it was conceived to get. But now I will share it with you.

Question: Which House of Representatives passed that bill at 3:00 AM, the House belonging to the Republic that was stolen under President Biden, the House belonging to the Corporate US Government that is bankrupt, stolen by the Biden Administration, or the House of Representatives belonging to the Restored US Republic, that may be filled now or not?

Folks, stay tuned for next Saturday’s Western serial as this saga plays out! Hope you enjoyed this week’s show.

See: World Update, by BPEartwatch [First 5 minutes].

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