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Jim’s Daily Rant. Red Sky In The Morning; Sailor Take Warning.

Got up early as usual this morning. Watched the sunrise. The entire East view was a deep red everywhere – it’s going to rain.

As a Scoutmaster, I had to know the signs of rain and bad weather. Their mothers were watching and trusting me. So I learned the signs and exuded experience and confidence. The show must go on, you know.

The all important rhyme was always uttered in earshot:

      Red sky In morning, Sailor take warning. Red sky at night, Sailor’s delight.

It always seemed to calm the Moms. But in actuality, to the Scouting training, it didn’t matter if it stormed or not. It was always that same ole Risk/Gain Analysis again. There was never a loss on outings.

If it didn’t rain, the troops learned. If it rained, the Troops learned

If they got wet, they learned.

If they didn’t get wet, they learned.

I knew I couldn’t lose in my job in seeing that they learned.


But today it’s different. With a dark red sky, this mornings Weather Forecast calls for a 1% chance of rain. My memory is great but after thousands of years, the sky now lies.

Mothers beware.

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