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Jim’s Daily Rant. Radical Mastectomy and Job Losses.

Updated: May 15

I received this email this morning:

Patrick ONeil here....thanks for all your post!..your my no.1 go to site. When Trump gets elected..can you explain to everyone all the different organizations that will no longer be around? Is this why certain people are freaking out?


A Radical Mastectomy is when a breast has all the muscle tissue under it surgically removed along with the muscle on the upper forearm, to abate cancer. It causes a horrible disruption in patient’s future lives.

Around 1939 a young surgeon published his research in a Medical Journal showing that a lumpectomy, where a spoon size removal of the cancer is all that is removed, had the same cancer cure rates as the Radical surgery. But the Lumpectomy didn’t disfigure or cause loss of use of the arm.

Around 1980 PBS aired a special titled “The History of Surgery”. It’s sole focus was the Radical Mastectomy. They showed that the radical was still done until around 1969 or so. Their question was why did it take so long to stop the horror show if the proof was in hand in 1939?

Their conclusion was the medical professors taught the students what they knew and it took about fifteen years for those professors to retire. Then it took some of their students years to retire or learn the Lumpectomy. Thus it took the Radical surgeons 30 years to find a better way to work or new career.


Mind Experiments:

Trump wins and the patient for a shoe-box cold fusion system, running on water, will be available to power a home for a front cost of $1,000 plus the cost of a gallon of water per month. How will that impact the billion power poles, 10 billion miles of wire, million white bucket trucks, and all the lineman's jobs? Don’t forget the bucket truck garages putting brakes on those trucks and the factory that makes the lineman's vests and hard hats. This might occur in just one year.

Trump wins and the military industrial complex takes on the role of search and rescue and safety.

There goes the jet, tank, cannon, ammo and warship industries. This might occur in just one month.

Keep in mind that the the Military industry made sure that its manufacturers are in all 50 states to insure perpetual warfare. So this layoff will impact your state too.

Trump wins and the medical/pharmaceutical industry collapses. Gone are the medical insurance companies, Medicaid, and some hospitals. Today when you get a runny nose, you take a pill that causes anal drippage. You go to the doctor that is not allowed to stop the runny nose but can only treat the symptom. He prescribes a medicine that has a side affect of causing a runny nose.

The new surviving medical system will allow the doctor to keep you healthy anyway he can. You will pay him cash monthly to be in his care.

Trump wins and overnight college professors are outdated and no longer needed. Perhaps the same for many public school teachers, until they are retrained.

Trump wins and the entire legal system has to be rebuilt and trained to follow Common Law again. The majority of laws now are codes created out of thin air by government agencies, like EPA, County Building Codes, Neighborhood Home Owners Associations (HOA). Many of these may go to Alphabet Heaven. We may see BAR Attorneys unable to practice law in the U. S. at all.

The only professions that will not be laying off workers is the grave diggers, who will all be in DC. Every one else with a job will be impacted in some way!


But not to worry. As jobs are lost, so too will be the loss of 40 to 60 hour work weeks. They will collapse down to 20 hours weekly, with more job sharing and double salaries. Workers will now be able to tend to family and be happy.

But in answer to your original question, all of us will fear the unknown, to a degree, until we know it.

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