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Jim’s Daily Rant. Rabid Dogs After Your Kids.

I was greatly surprised by yesterday’s post: New York AG Letitia James Files Lawsuit Against Worlds Largest Beef Producer for ‘Misleading Public’ About its Impact on Climate. My first surprise is I was given the heads-up that an important news article would be out yesterday and I didn’t see this story until X22 posted last night.

Next I was shocked that Letitia James would go on the attack against a new target after pulling the bloody knife out of Trump’s back while she is still after collecting his $350 Million fine for defrauding no one.

I could understand the urge for more headline space if she were after the primary Fentanyl supplier or the main child trafficker in her state. But no, now she is after the hamburger stand supplier for destroying the planet.

After listening to Tucker Carlson drops fascinating interview with Chinese dissident. Xi Van Fleet witnessed Mao’s cultural revolution, I got a clearer view of what the Marxists are doing to us today.

They are sicking their Red Guard dogs on us to collapse our culture and means to survive, leaving us vulnerable to them.

I see that not only they Red dogs, they are well educated $million dollar paid total whores even willing to screw their own Sons and Grand-Sons. They are nothing more than mindless rabid dogs turned loose on all of our kids.

After watching James trying to destroy Trump because of his run for president and now seeing her go after a major hamburger grinder, I don't have to read her indictment. After a lifetime of being a connoisseur of burgers, I know horse-shit when I smell it.

I know we are supposed to let the legal system run its course first but damn, there is no longer a legal system out there anymore, just lawfare. So here’s my opinion. It’s time to grab the gun and run out and kill those dogs in high places that have sold their souls and turned rabid before they get to our kids!

We no longer have time to wait for November. Our murder defenses are emergency,necessity and no legal system.


Absolute Must See:

Col. Douglas Macgregor: Ukraine Is Destroyed! Texas Border Is Next Target! - Stephen Gardner.  [Entire talk is excellent, but must see the last 5 minutes.]

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