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Dear Jim: The Holocaust.

My wife has a cousin who married a fellow, Irv, whose parents immigrated to the US after WWII.

The fellow's father was a Polish soldier and his mother was an Auschwitz survivor.  She was provided reparations for decades until she died.

Do you believe that there was no mass murdering of Jews, less murdering than reported, or that it was all made up?

Irv is near death due to complications from Parkinson's Disease.  If you believe that the case is the latter, I would like for you and Irv to communicate. 



Good Morning Rick. I respect you a lot but your question sure rattled me this morning! I have written about this several times over the past 10 years extensively. But this WIX platform will not allow a search into archives. However I got lucky and found a copy of it on an old external drive.

My fear was I was going to have to rewrite all of it's points from memory. I hope it helps you on your own search.

Download PDF • 68KB

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Hitler’s War Crimes vs. Those of Churchill & the Americans
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