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Jim’s Daily Rant. Push ‘Em Down The Ramp.

I once saw a very thin hard cover book at a lawn sale that caught my Eye. I don’t remember the title but post reading I thought it was someone’s dissertation that they published. It was a seminar in which six participants from separate work worlds came together to discuss major industry problems they had. I recall one person from the phone company, one hospital surgeon, a programmer and one possibly military. What they were searching for was fresh eyes on long existing problems.

Solutions that eventually came as a result were amazing. The fireman complained they couldn’t pump water fast enough through hoses. That resulted in the surgeon suggesting slippery water (with soap). The surgeon complained about cutting into a body in delicate places like the wrist and taking too long to refasten the tendons and muscles to its correct mate. The phone guy said they do it all the time with color coded wires. That resulted in color coded clamps. The programmer suggested to the surgeon better procedures to include sub-procedures for those unexpected surprises.

The thing I remembered the most was a closing quote from the phone engineer. He said “before the seminar if we had to offload a boxcar of steers we would have hired a specialist, an animal trainer to teach them to fearlessly walk down the off-ramp. Today we would simply grease the ramp and push ‘em.”

Late last night I posted Canadian Prepper’s podcast in which he said the balloon story is to cover the fact that we went to a higher DEF-CON level secretly. When I got up this morning I saw the scene from Hunt For Red October in which the hero was shaving and asked himself “How do you get Russians off their submarine. How do you get Russian sailors off their nuclear submarine?”

If Canadian is correct what does that tell us? It signals me that the US and Military is going into a defensive position, perhaps the ultimate one - the fetal position. But Why?

Let’s suppose last month you were a blue haired VAXed liberal that has suddenly awakened from the sleep. You see your VAX scar and the alternative news on Pfizer the past two weeks revealing their intentional madness. You see that Biden blew up the Pipeline which is an Act of War against NATO countries, Germany in particular and against Russia. That can result in retaliation at any moment from anyone.

You would see the U.S. proxy war in Ukraine and all the slaughter happening there of innocents by our politicians. Let’s add all the protests/revolutions around the world against puppet governments, VAXes, Central banks etc. Then lets add the understanding of the Perot-Dollar being in collapse as the world rejects it and the U.S. hitherfore secret empire controlling the world by false flags, wars, and coups by our CIA.

Then in a snap you would realize the whole world wants the U. S. dead and gone. It no longer has loyal friends. Remember the old riddle of “What happens when big wheels stop rolling?” Answer: “All the little dogs come up and piss on ‘em.”

What I see today is the U.S. is now indeed all alone and in that fetal position.

So how do you get Russians to want to abandon their nuclear submarine? The same way you get all Americans to rush back to the safety of the Republic. You show the liberals and communists that it failed and the Titanic is going down on them. They have to know it, feel it and dread it.

How can the U. S. have friends once again instead of death hatred from the entire world? As my dear brother always said, “It’s time to do a magic act; pull a rabbit out your ass.”

It is time for the U.S. to lead the world and show that it risked all to end the thousand years of ELITE CABAL enslavement of humanity. This is the only way to reverse it all, with everyone on board, immediately.

I look for something big to happen Monday the 20th, president’s Day.

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