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Jim’s Daily Rant. Multi Level View Of WWIII.

Updated: May 4

A week ago I decided that I would no longer post detailed Rants unless absolutely needed. This is one of those exceptions.

Over the last few days two major podcasts have come out that when pieced together becomes the subject of this Rant.

The first was Jim's Daily Rant. Must Hear About The VRIL  During the middle of SGAnon’s podcast he states that in all probability Trump (WHs) are controlling the players in the court cases filed against him. We are being educated by watching a controlled theater play exposing our illegal legal system. This is playing out on the surface of our reality.

Later when he explains about the newly written Army manual on tunnel battle strategy, and the explanation on the Vrils living underground sharing technical information and parasiting human leaders, and assuming their positions of leadership, it was startling, wasn’t it?

But there have been many reports of alien beings sharing tech advances with some humans.

The second podcast was Laura Eisenhower: Val Thor, Cabal, UFOs. The Untold Story of POTUS Eisenhower’s Role to Save ManKind. In it she says that her Grand-Father, Dwight Eisenhower, was not the one who “unconditionally surrendered the U.S. in 1952 to those who attacked Washington DC with highly technical equipment that the U.S. could not defend against. She says that surrender was done by one of the Alphabets, MJ-12.” (or something like that).

She also says that technology was being taken by a secret branch of the Military from possibly several alien races.

She says that is why Dwight warned the country in his farewell speech stating that we had to be leery of the Military Industrial Complex.

Doesn’t all this sound a little familiar in that Trump keeps saying we have to go to devolution of our government, including the DOD and all of its satellite corporations, the DOD, FBI, CIA, etc.

Did the US, under NASA, fake the moon landings because we couldn’t do it but the Alphabets that stole our MOJO did go into outer space? Is this who our real enemy is?

Are we watching WWIII being fought under Antarctica as well as underground facilities all over the world, on the surface as well as through the electronic maze we have created around us impacting our thinking and vibrational power? That’s a hellova sentence, isn’t it?

Think about it for awhile. Isn’t this war worth fighting, destroying our global economic system for, and possibly many of us dying for?

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