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Jim’s Daily Rant. Movie: The Mauratanian. The Unreal Real Hell We have Created.

Does the end justify the means? I considered that question a number of times in High School religion classes. I thought I had it figured out at age 15 but what does a 15 year old really understand about life? He doesn’t even understand reality much less that there are several realities.

I apologize but I must once again share a defining moment of mine I has shared before. In working on a Masters in computer science I had to take Discrete Math. It is a form of math with multiple answers, but hell, it was so hard I couldn’t even find one at times!

The first night of class a short young black professor shocked me when he introduced himself. I am from the South and this was the first British accented black I ever heard. He was from a country near South Africa. He said the course would be hard and we needed to be certain we could keep up. He gave us a basic statistics problem and said if we couldn’t answer it we had three days to drop out and get a refund.

The problem was the basic license plat problem as to haw many unique ones can be printed. All one had to do was multiply all of the digit characters (10 each) by the number of Alpha characters reserved for only on box (26). So for a 3 digits and 1 alpha plates the answer was (10x10x10x26) = 26,000 plates.

Everyone began saying the answer. Prof. kept saying "wrong". After the third wrong answer he began ridiculing us. He finally said High Schoolers could do this correctly in his home country and here we were Masters level and were unable to do it. That one hurt. Finally a young lady said “Show us what we are doing wrong because we were all getting the same answer."

He drew 4 boxes and filled three with 10 and one with 24. She immediately corrected him. He turned with a big shit-eating grin on his face and tore into his lecture. He said he was from Rwanda and his alphabet only has 24 characters in it.

He continued saying before we hard-wire a computer program to forecast something such as hurricane movements, we had better appreciate that there is more than just our interpretation of reality out there. He was absolutely right. In his case the the alpha field character set must be able to be selected by the user before using our software. I learned a lot that night.

This weekend I watch the Netflix movie Mauritanian, a true story about a man arrested after the war in Iraq who was suspected of being a 911 terrorist. He was incarcerated at Git-mo for 7 years without being charges with a crime. He was horribly tortured into signing detailed confessions. His defense attorney and his prosecutor were refused to see the real files on him as they were classified. The prosecutor finally resigned in disgust whit the perversion of the legal system.

The Defense attorney managed to get a hearing for Motion to Dismiss. The court granted it after 7 years of being held. But Rumsfeld and Obama had that order ignored another 7 years before his final release. What got him out is he wrote a best seller book of his legal situation while still at Git-mo.

Now here’s my point. Rumsfeld and Bush Jr, along with the CIA appear to be behind the 911 attack. They and the government may have intentionally perversed our legal system to cover their own crimes. At the end of the movie it was revealed that there were nearly 700 political detainees at Git-mo involved in 911, They were all tortured and held for years. Only three were ever found guilty of a crime.

Watching the U.S, Troops torturing them made me realize they too were trapped in multiple realities. I feel they probably believed the detainees were guilty and they were serving their country in destroying the detainees for life. I am also sure their jobs destroyed those troops as well, with all of this being done caused by Elites covering their crimes.

No compare and contrast all the above with today’s news video Navy SEAL Chief Eddie Gallagher exposes some interesting things about @DanCrenshawTX. He too was prevented from a legal defense at first and was later found innocent. Again, it appears to be perversion by our ruling class.

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