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Jim’s Daily Rant: More On The Insanity Of God.

Betty and I have been scrambling to complete projects and do last minute prepping the last few days. As a result I am behind on researching and watching podcasts. When I wrote this morning’s Rant about the Insanity of god, I had not watched Mike Adams article on Global Force Majuere nor did I take the time to read the legal analysis on War As Force Majuere that I attached to this Morning’s Rant. In fact I hope to read both of them this afternoon.

My purpose here is to point out what happened to me at Midnight when I first wrote my Rant The Insanity of god . . .

Before I began writing I was puzzled about applying Force Majuere to derivatives because I couldn’t see it working to void contracts. To me it was like a neighborhood riot in East Philly stopping the settlement of all US Superbowl bet settlement after the big game – there is no real connection between Philly and the nationwide betting settlement.

I wrote the Rant then as an afterthought decided to add an addendum for those not familiar with Force Majuere.

So I used DuckDuckGo search engine for SOMETHING LIKE the term “war, Force Majuere and Act of God”. (it was midnight).

The first item was Wikipedia which Google always leads off with. Note that DuckDuckGo now uses Google in its searches. The second article was dated March, 2022 and was the legal article that I attached. It begins talking about the possibility of using it in the Ukraine war. Now this my be a long shot, but to me this was confirmation that my dream was accurate and the Deep State was planning to invoke it to allow the bankers to escape with their lives.

I do look forward to reading both of those articles in a few minutes.

P.S. My dream actually started out with a view of one of my favorite ancient Naval Live Oaks with one large limb bent down to about two feet off the ground and about fifteen feet from the main trunk then turning up to point to the sky.

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