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Jim’s Daily Rant. More Information On Clif’s Diet.

Sorry for my failure to converse about diet comparisons with some of you. If you could see my belly you would know I run from diets after a week; can’t do it. Therefore I have no opinion on what is the best diet.

I can only tell you I am testing Clif’s diet to the fullest of my ability. Trust me, it is not intrusive, hard to abide by, costly and best of all, strenuous.

I hit a three day slump and dropped down to a quarter of a pound per day. Today I am back to a pound a day in weight loss.

I am currently using the sun-lamp twice a day for 20 minutes. In a week I plan to drop back to Clif's suggested once a day. As I said, I am learning and experimenting. By the way, yesterday I was on the computer for one sun-lamp session and peeled peaches during the second. So don’t tell me you don’t have the time to do this diet.

I have been on the diet eleven days now so I am past the cleansing out my digestive track period. I am also past the initial water loss that comes at the beginning of many diets. So the only logical explanation for my one pound loss yesterday is Clif is correct and his diet is working.

I still have no desire or thoughts of snacking between meals.

My only problem now is if I am ever going to moon you I had better do it in the next few months, otherwise, you may not notice it!

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