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Jim's Daily Rant. Money Management Prior To The Reset. Part V - Payment To Manager.

COSTA CLAN FAMILY BANKING FUND Financial Reward For Fund Manager


Note: All dollar amounts should be considered as Place Holders only, stated in the dollar value as of today.

This is merely a proposal of methods to invite negotiation.

Possible Reward Methods:

A. Billed by the hour.

B. $500 fee from all applicants for assistance in their preparing the paperwork and vetting by the Fund Manager.

C. $500 fee from the applicant for funding secured.

D. $500 fee from the fund for applications pitched.

E. $500 fee from the fund for pitches financed.

F. A percentage of the asset/pitch financed.

G. A percentage of the Fund Balance or its growth.

H. Combination of some of the above.

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