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Jim’s Daily Rant. Money Management Prior To And After The Reset.

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

This Rant is geared to those that have money now or expect to have it after the reset. It is a rough plan to keep what you now have as well as what you may have after the world transitions itself. To pass through this portal, one needs a map (business plan) prepared and in execution now, or ready to go instantly, when it is time. This will prevent horsing around and costly mistakes.

In the end I will be proposing those interested in forming a consortium with other like minded persons to assist each other in developing personal plans by freely exchanging ideas and options.

“Creative Visualization” is the art of seeing that which you are about to create. To successfully step through the looking glass from today’s world to the imagined world after the Reset, we need such a visualization in the form of a road map or written plan. This plan is to protect our current wealth both now and after the Reset, a monumental task as we can’t clearly see what is behind the looking glass. Thus we have to imagine it and be able to alter our plan quickly once on the backside.

This plan should identify investments, who will make them, who will manage them, what is their main purposes, what are you yourself prepared to do and what needs to be delegated out? In other words, how the wealth is protected and used. See: Business Plans

Know when you need to delegate. The clock is moving on you. If too busy to preserve your wealth then it’s time to delegate it out. During the days of square saild ships, all ports had Ship Chandlers. They received an order from a ship expecting to enter that port. Upon arrival all needed supplies were waiting alongside their berth. I see the current chandlers as those people that are creators, movers and shakers that get things done quickly, that make the world happen. These will be the leaders after the Reset.

I intend to use such a Chandler to administer our family wealth post Reset. At my age I don’t want a full time job. My personal plan is to bring in such a person as a partner in our “investment fund” as the fund will also act as a family banker. See: Family Banking

As you might have guessed, I have already written the training program for my future Chandler. It will prepare them to carry out my Business Plan the same as I would. As everyone points out, all plans change. That is right. But this written plan can be adjusted as time continues. This plan becomes the benchmark spreadsheets to monitor successes and failures along the journey. There will be no confusion by myself or the Chandler as changes are made – we will act as one.

See: Free Business Leadership Online School. Trust me, this is better than trusting another mutual fund waiting for a stranger to screw you. You have to manage your manager to protect your wealth.

My Proposal: I would like to form a free “User’s Group” to proof each other’s plans, share information and learn from each other as we prepare our personal plans. You need not share your name, location or Swiss Bank account number. We just need to know your investment classes (real estate, Silver stackers, etc.). So blank out all valuations in your plan if you wish.

P. S. You don’t have to use a Chandler to be in the group.

If interested:

P. S. 2: Possible Investment areas:

Precious Metals:

Heavy Equipment:

Discounted Real Estate Portfolios:

Purchase these outright before the Dollar collapses. But to do so you must intend to be a property manager.

Become Your Own Banker in the Immediate Short Term.

Take title to and/or mortgages to real estate or other physical property during the 2 – 3 weeks after the Dollar Collapse. You would be exchanging the decreasing in value dollars for assets owned by panic sellers.

Anhauser Busch Products:

Purchase all the discounted beer products you can get now, warehouse it, then sell it off after the collapse when everyone has forgotten the trans issue. Focus on kegs and market exclusively to fraternities or become the local distributer.

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